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Wildlife on Worldwide Postage Stamps

Home » Animals on Stamps » Wildlife on Foreign Stamps

The following discount applies to all items.
10% Discount on all orders over $40

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Butterflies; Mint Set of 4Tuvalu, 1981
Item ID: WW19


The butterflies Hypolimnas bolina and Junonia vallida are featured on this complete set of four mint stamps from Tuvalu (issued on Feb. 3, 1981). $2.10 retail value (2012 Scott Standard Postage Stamp Catalogue).
Price: $1.75
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Bush Babies - Mint Set of 4 Australia, 2009
Item ID: WW190


Australia Post issued this mint set of four "Bush Babies" stamps on July 1, 2009. With high face values (denominations) of $1.45, $2.10, $2.90, and $4.20, these stamps were intended for international postal rates. The stamps feature the Koala, the Eastern Grey Kangaroo, the Bushtail Possum, and the Common Wombat (these common names, as well as the scientific names, are inscribed on the stamps).
Price: $22.50
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Dingo and Koala Minisheet Australia, 2011
Item ID: WW191


Australia's 2011 Dingo bush baby issue was re-released in this minisheet format to commemorate the 27th Asian International Stamp Exhibition (Nov. 11-15, 2011). A photo of a cute Koala is provided in the sheet selvage. An attractive mint sheet with a single high denomination international postal rate stamp. Issued as a two-sheet set; when available, we offer the other sheet as item# WW192.
Price: $3.85
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Kangaroo Minisheet Australia, 2011
Item ID: WW192


Australia's 2011 kangaroo bush baby issue was re-released in this minisheet format to commemorate the 27th Asian International Stamp Exhibition (Nov. 11-15, 2011). A very attractive mint sheet with a single high denomination international postal rate stamp. Issued as a two-sheet set; when available, we offer the other sheet as item# WW191.
Price: $3.85
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"Fishes of the Reef" Booklet Pane of 10 Stamps Australia, 2010
Item ID: WW193


Australia's Great Barrier Reef supports an astounding variety of marine life. This mint booklet pane of 10 stamps (never folded pane) features four of the estimated 1,500 fish species that can be found in this area; the Clown Triggerfish, the Spotted Sweetlips, the Golden Damsel and the Regal Angelfish. Issued by Australia on June 21, 2010.
Price: $12.95
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Land & Sea Mammals Mint Block of 10 Great Britain, 2010
Item ID: WW194


Issued by Great Britain on April 13, 2010, this mint block of ten stamps brought attention to ten different land and sea mammals- many of which are considered endangered. The ten featured mammals are: Humpback Whale, Wildcat, Brown Long-Eared Bat, Polecat, Sperm Whale, Water Vole, Greater Horeshoe Bat, Otter, Dormouse, and Hedgehog. Scott Cat.# 2784a (2775-2784). The 2015 Scott Catalogue value for this block is $20.00.
Price: $17.25
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Giant Panda and Kiwi Mint Mini-sheet of 3 Stamps New Zealand, 2011
Item ID: WW195


This specially shaped mint miniature sheet incorporates three 2011 Round Kiwi stamps set alongside China’s national treasure – the Giant Panda. The sheet was issued by New Zealand Post on November 11, 2011, to commemorate the 27th Asian International Stamp Exhibition, hosted by the picturesque city of Wuxi, China. The three high-denomination circular stamps are intended for international postage rates ($1.20, $1.90, and $2.40).
Price: $9.65
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Flightless Birds Mint Minisheet of 3 Stamps New Zealand, 2011
Item ID: WW196


New Zealand Post recognized its native endangered flightless birds with the release of this specially shaped mint minisheet of three stamps on July 6, 2011. The three featured birds are the Kiwi, the Takahe (also featured in the sheet selvage), and the Kakapo. A 10-cent surchage was added to the denomination of each stamp- the funds from this surcharge went towards children's health (New Zealand Foundation for Child and Family Health ).
Price: $4.80
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Birds - Mint Set of 6 Barbuda, 1976
Item ID: WW197


Issued by Barbuda on June 30, 1976, this complete mint set of 6 stamps features the following birds: Bananaquits, Blue-Hooded Euphonia, Royal Tern, Killdeer, Glossy Cowbird, and Purple Gallinule. Scott catalogue #238-43; $9.80 2011 catalogue value.
Price: $7.50
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"Beyond the Coast" Sheet of 12 Stamps New Zealand, 2011
Item ID: WW197s


New Zealand's varied marine animals are portrayed in this mint sheet of 12 self-adhesive stamps. The names of the marine animals are listed on the stamps (small text). Two of the twelve stamps are denominated $1.90 and are intended for the international postal rate use; the remaining stamps pay the domestic first class rate (60 cents each). IMPORTANT: all sheets remaining in stock have a bent bottom-left corner; we have accordingly reduced our list price to $11.95 - a 30% discount.
Price: $11.95
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Baby Wildlife Mint Sheet of 4 Stamps Canada, 2012
Item ID: WW198


Issued by Canada on January 16, 2012, this mint mini-sheet of four stamps features the following wildlife babies: Raccoon kits, Caribou calves, Loon chicks, and Moose calves. An attractive sheet with a domestic rate stamp and three higher denominated international rate stamps ($1.05, $1.29, and $1.80).
Price: $9.50
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Penguins & Snowy Petrel Mint Set of 2
Item ID: WW199


Issuing Country: French Southern & Antarctic Territory
Date of Issue: January 1, 1985
Scott Catalogue Number(s): 114-115
Scott Catalogue Value (2015): $2.25
Description: This complete mint set of two stamps features Emperor Penguins and Snowy Petrels.
Price: $1.95
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