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Wildlife on United States Postage Stamps

Home » Animals on Stamps » Wildlife on U.S. Stamps

The following discount applies to all items.
10% Discount on all orders over $40

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Columbia Jays Airmail Issue United States, 1967
Item ID: USW56


This mint airmail stamp features John J. Audubon's Columbia Jays and was issued to meet the 1967 increase in airmail rates to Europe and Mediterranean Africa. A beautiful stamp. Issued on April 26, 1967. Scott Cat.# C71
Price: $0.95
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Coral Reefs Issue Mint Block of 4 United States, 1980
Item ID: USW57


This mint block of four stamps depicts corals found in the waters of the United States, its territories and possessions (Bain Coral, U.S. Virgin Islands; Elkhorn Coral, Florida; Chalice Coral, American Samoa; and Finger Coral, Hawaii). Issued by the U.S. Postal Service on August 26, 1980. Scott Cat.# 1827-1830 (1830a).
Price: $1.95
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Tropical Birds - Mint Block of 4 United States, 1998
Item ID: USW59


Issued by the U.S. Postal Service on July 29, 1998, this mint block of four stamps features the following tropical birds: the Antillean Euphonia, the Green-throated Carib, the Crested Honeycreeper and the Cardinal Honeyeater. Flowers are included in three of the stamp designs. Scott Cat.# 3225a (3222-3225).
Price: $3.50
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Wildlife Conservation Issue Mint Block of 4 Stamps United States, 1972
Item ID: USW6


This 1972 Wildlife Conservation Issue showcased the beauty and preciousness of nature's creatures. Depicted within the attached block of four mint stamps is the Fur Seal, Cardinal, Brown Pelican, and Bighorn Sheep. This set was issued by the United States on September 20, 1972. Scott Cat.# 1464-1467 (1467a).
Price: $1.75
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Eagle & Moon Express Mail Stamp United States, 1988
Item ID: USW60


Featuring an Eagle with the moon in the background, this large, high denomination, Express Mail stamp was issued by the U.S. Postal Service on October 4, 1988, to meet a new increased rate for Express Mail. This stamp was (and still is) valid for other classes of mail where a high value is needed. Scott Cat.# 2394
Price: $18.35
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Eagle & Moon Express Mail Stamp United States, 1983
Item ID: USW61


Issued by the U.S. Postal Service on August 12, 1983, this high-denomination Eagle & Moon stamp was intended to pay the Express Mail Next Day Service postage rate. This large stamp was only issued in a booklet pane format and, therefore, all stamps from this issue will have 2 or 3 straight edges (non-perforated edges). Scott Cat.# 1909
Price: $24.00
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Tufted Puffins Stamp United States, 2013
Item ID: USW62


Issued by the U.S. Postal Service on January 23, 2013, to meet the 3-ounce first class mail rate, this attractive mint self-adhesive stamp features a pair of Tufted Puffins. Also known as the Crested Puffin, these birds form dense breeding colonies during the summer reproductive season and can be found in British Columbia, throughout southeastern Alaska and the Aleutian Islands, Kamchatka, the Kuril Islands and throughout the Sea of Okhotsk. Scott Cat.# 4737
Price: $1.95
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Spicebush Swallowtail Issue United States, 2013
Item ID: USW63


This mint, self-adhesive, stamp was issued by the U.S. on January 23, 2013, to pay the then-current first class mail rate + surcharge for square/rigid envelopes (such as some greeting cards). The stamp features the Spicebush Swallowtail butterfly. Also known as the Green-Clouded butterfly, this butterfly is generally found in the eastern US and southern Ontario, but occasionally strays as far as the American Midwest, Cuba, Manitoba and Colorado. Scott Cat.# 4736
Price: $1.45
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Songbirds Issue Booklet Pane of 20 Stamps United States, 2014
Item ID: USW66b


Issued by the U.S. Postal Service on April 5, 2014, this attractive mint never folded booklet pane of 20 self-adhesive stamps features ten different bird species including the Western Meadowlark, the Mountain Bluebird, the Baltimore Oriole and the American Goldfinch. Scott Cat.# 4891b
Price: $19.95
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Great Spangled Fritillary United States, 2014
Item ID: USW67


Issued by the U.S. Postal Service to pay the First Class one-ounce non-machinable surcharge rate, this mint self-adhesive stamp features the Great Spangled Fritillary butterfly. Issued on February 10, 2014. Scott Cat.# 4859
Price: $1.50
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"Fawn in Meadow" United States, 1991
Item ID: USW69


This mint stamp, featuring a fawn, was issued by the USPS on March 11, 1991, to meet the then current postal rate for postcards. Scott Cat.# 2479
Price: $0.55
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North American Wildlife Mint Sheet of 8 Stamps United States, 1978
Item ID: USW7


This sheet of eight mint wildlife stamps was issued to coincide with the Canadian International Philatelic Exhibition (1978 CAPEX), held in Toronto, Canada. The eight stamps depict the following mammals and birds indigenous to the United States and Canada: Cardinal, Mallard Duck, Canada Goose, Blue Jay, Moose, Chipmunk, Red Fox, and Raccoon. Scott Cat.# 1757.
Price: $2.75
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