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Trains, Railroads, and Railroading

Commemorated on Authentic Postage Stamps from Around the World

Home » Transportation on Stamps » Trains on Stamps

The following discount applies to all items.
10% Discount on all orders over $40

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Railway Anniversary Mint Souvenir Sheet
Item ID: TR73b


Date of Issue: November 19, 1987
Scott Catalogue Number(s): 2993
2015 Scott Catalogue Value: $4.75
Description: Issued by Cuba to commemorate the 150th anniversary of Cuban Railway, this mint souvenir sheet features railway post office (RPO) postmarks and the image of an overprinted stamp that was issued by Cuba in 1937 to commemorate the centenary of Cuban railroads. This sheet was co-issued with a set of six stamps; when available, we offer this sheet as item# TR73a.
Price: $3.40
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Japanese Trains Mint Set of 5
Item ID: TR75


Date of Issue: June 20, 2001
Scott Catalogue Number(s): 4152-4156
2017 Scott Catalogue Value: $3.75
Description: Issued by Cuba in conjunction with a philatelic exhibition in Japan ("Phila Nippon '01), this complete mint set of five stamps features five different Japanese trains (JR 500, JR 700, MAX 1, MAX 2, 300).
Price: $2.80
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Railroad Connection Commemoration Mint Set of 2 Mongolia, 1956
Item ID: TR77


Issued by Mongolia in 1956 to commemorate the railroad connection between Moscow and Ulan Bator, this complete mint set of two stamps features on one stamp a train, the Kremlin and Sukhe Bator Monument, and on the stamp the flags of Mongolia and USSR. The 2015 Scott Catalogue value for this set is $35.00. Scott Cat.# 134-135.
Price: $24.50
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Locomotives - Mint Set of 11 Mongolia, 1997
Item ID: TR78


Issuing Country: Mongolia
Date of Issue: December 5, 1997
Scott Catalogue Number(s): 2255A-I, K-L
Scott Catalogue Value (2015): $16.30
Description: This complete mint set of eleven stamps, including two in souvenir sheet formats, feature various locomotives. Please click on the thumbnail image to view all stamps in this set.
Price: $9.95
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Railroad - Mint Set of 2 Mexico, 1950
Item ID: TR79


Issuing Country: Mexico
Date of Issue: May 24, 1950
Scott Catalogue Number(s): 870-871
Scott Catalogue Value (2015): $1.70
Description: This mint set of two stamps commemorated the opening of the Southeastern Railroad between Veracruz, Coatzocoalcos and Yucatan in 1950. The stamp designs feature a railroad laborer and a map / locomotive.
Price: $1.20
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Classic Locomotives.Set of 16 (8 Pairs) St. Vincent, 1983
Item ID: TR8


Eight different classic locomotives from the United Kingdom are featured on this attractive set of 16 mint stamps (8 pairs) issued by St. Vincent on Dec. 8, 1983. Each of these British locomotives is represented by a pair of stamps- the top stamp provides side and front graphic views and the bottom stamp shows an artistic action scene. The name of the depicted locomotive is inscribed on each stamp. 2015 Scott Catalogue value: $3.00. Scott Cat.# 699-706. This item is currently one of our special offers; our list price of $2.85 has been reduced by 30% to $1.95.
Price: $1.95
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Subway Train Mexico, 1969
Item ID: TR80


Issuing Country: Mexico
Date of Issue: September 4, 1969
Scott Catalogue Number(s): 1005
Description: This mint stamp was issued to commemorate the inauguration of the Mexico City subway. The stamp features a subway train.
Price: $0.35
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Railroad Opening issue Mint Set of 2 Mexico, 1950
Item ID: TR81


This complete set of two mint airmail stamps was issued by Mexico on May 24, 1950, to commemorate the 1950 opening of the Southeastern Railroad between Veracruz, Coatzocoalcos and Yucatan. The stamps feature trains crossing the Isthmus of Tehuantepec (green stamp) and President Aleman and bridge (blue stamp). Scott Cat.# C201-2
Price: $0.70
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Train & Plane - 75th Anniv. of UPU Mexico, 1950
Item ID: TR82


Issuing Country: Mexico
Date of Issue: June 15, 1950
Scott Catalogue Number(s): C203-204
Scott Catalogue Value (2017): $0.85
Description: Issued to commemorate the 75th anniversary of the Universal Postal union (UPU), this complete mint set of two airmail stamps features a plane, train and Aztec courier.
Price: $0.70
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Streamlined Locomotive Mexico, 1954
Item ID: TR83


This attractive mint stamp, featuring a streamlined locomotive, was issued by Mexico in 1954 for Parcel Post mail use. The 2015 Scott Catalogue value for this mint, never-hinged stamp is $4.25. Scott Cat.# Q10
Price: $2.25
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First Electric Locomotive Mint Mini-Sheet Genada Grenadines, 1992
Item ID: TR84


Featuring Werner von Siemens' first electric locomotive (Germany, 1879), this mint mini-sheet was issued by Grenada Grenadines on February 13, 1992. The sheet includes a single high denomination stamp. The sheet selvage shows Dr. Kalman Kando's pioneering 1933 electric locomotive (V40 1-D-1; Royal Hungarian State Railway). The 2015 Scott Catalogue retail value for this sheet is $5.50. Scott Cat.# 1382A.
Price: $3.75
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Locomotives - Mint Set of 4 Argentina, 1988
Item ID: TR85


Issued by Argentina on June 4, 1988, this mint set of four large stamps features the following locomotives and railroad car: Yatay locomotive (1888), FCCA electric passenger car (1914), B-15 locomotive (1942) and No. 200 locomotive (1988), This set additionally promoted the PRENFIL '88 International Philatelic Literature and Media Exhibition, held in Buenos Aires between Nov. 25 and Dec. 2, 1988. Scott Cat.# B123-B126. The 2015 Scott Catalogue value for this set is $3.60.
Price: $3.10
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