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Trains, Railroads, and Railroading

Commemorated on Authentic Postage Stamps from Around the World

Home » Transportation on Stamps » Trains on Stamps

The following discount applies to all items.
10% Discount on all orders over $40

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Railroad Mail CarUnited States, 1988
Item ID: TR37


The United States Postal Service issued this mint regular issue coil stamp, featuring a railroad mail car from the 1920s, on Aug. 16, 1988. The postage rate paid by this 21c stamp was the single-piece rate for pre-sorted first class mail to either the three- or five-digit ZIP code. Scott Cat.# 2265
Price: $0.80
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Cog Railway Locomotive United States, 1995
Item ID: TR39


A cog railway locomotive from the 1870s is featured on this mint regular issue coil stamp issued by the United States Postal Service on June 9, 1995. Scott Cat.# 2463
Price: $0.70
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Locomotives - Set of 5 StampsNiger, 1980
Item ID: TR43


This attractively-designed set of five cancelled stamps from Niger (issued in 1980) depict the following locomotives: Shimbashi-Yokohama locomotive, an early American-type locomotive, a German Reichsbahn series 61, a prussian Staatsbahn P2, and an L'Aigle locomotive. This cancelled set of 5 stamps has a $2.45 retail value (Scott 2007 Standard Postage Stamp Catalogue, Vol. 4)
Price: $1.65
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British LocomotivesMint Set of 12 StampsSt. Vincent, 1985
Item ID: TR45


St. Vincent issued this complete set of 12 mint stamps (6 stamp pairs) on Apr. 26, 1985, to commemorate locomotives from the United Kingdom. The following locomotives are featured with both a graphical side view and an artist's rendering of the locomotive in action: Glen Douglas (1913), Fenchurch Terrier (1872), No. 1 Stirling Single (1870), No. 158A (1866), No. 103 Class Jones Goods (1893), and Great Bear (1908).
Price: $2.25
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European & U.S. LocomotivesMint Set of 12 StampsSt. Vincent, 1985
Item ID: TR46


Issued by St. Vincent on June 27, 1985, this complete mint set of 12 stamps (6 pairs) features the following locomotives: Loch (United Kingdom, 1874), Class 47XX (United Kingdom, 1876), P.L.M. Class 121 (France, 1876), D.R.G. Class 24 (Germany, 1927), No. 1008 (United Kingdom, 1889), and S.R. Class PS-4, United States, 1926). Each stamp pair includes a graphical side view and an artist's rendering of the locomotive in action.
Price: $2.25
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British LocomotivesMint Set of 8 StampsSt. Lucia, 1985
Item ID: TR47


St. Lucia commemorated locomotives from the United Kingdom with the issuance of this complete mint set of eight stamps (four pairs) on June 26, 1985. Each stamp pair features a single locomotive - a graphical side view and an artist's rendering of the locomotive in action. The following locomotives are included: No. 28 Tender engine (1897), No. 1621 Class M (1893), Class Dunalastair (1896), and Big Bertha No. 2290 (1919).
Price: $3.65
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Locomotives - Mint Set of 7 Stamps Chad, 1999
Item ID: TR48


This complete mint set of seven stamps, one of which is in a souvenir sheet format, was issued by Chad in 1999. The following locomotives are included: 0-4-4-0 (green), 0-4-0 (red), 0-6-0 (green), 0-4-0 (brown), 0-4-0 (blue), and 0-6-0 (blue). The souvenir sheet features an electric locomotive. The retail value of this set is $7.90 (Scott 2007 Standard Postage Stamp Catalogue, Vol. 2) - a good buy at our price.
Price: $5.45
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Steam Locomotives Mint Set of Seven Stamps Guinea, 1997
Item ID: TR49


Issued by Guinea on Sept. 10, 1997, this mint set of seven stamps (including a high face value stamp in a mini-sheet format) features seven different steam locomotives. The following locomotives are depicted: Baldwin Locomotive Works 0-4-2, American Locomotive Co. 0-6-0, Vulcan Iron Works 0-6-0 (two different models), Baldwin Locomotive Works 0-6-0 (two different models, and an H.K. Porter Co. 0-6-0.
Price: $7.75
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Locomotives - Set of 16 (8 pairs) St. Lucia, 1983
Item ID: TR5


Issued on October 13, 1983, this attractive series features eight different locomotives. Each locomotive is represented by an attached pair of mint stamps: one stamp graphically showing side and front view of the locomotive, the other stamp an artist's rendering of the locomotive in action. 2015 Scott Catalogue value: $5.70. Scott Cat.# 617-624. Please click on the image to view additional information. This item is currently one of our special offers; our list price of $4.50 has been reduced by 40% to $2.70.
Price: $2.70
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The "Daylight" Express Mint Souvenir Sheet Antigua, 1986 SECOND QUALITY sheet
Item ID: TR51s


This item is identical to item #TR51 except this sheet has minor faults; this discounted SECOND QUALITY sheet will have paper bends. Please click on the image at left or on "Details" for additional information. The 2017 Scott Catalogue value for this sheet is $8.00. Scott Cat.# 938.
Price: $2.00
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Railroad Engines Cancelled set of 7 Guinea-Bissau
Item ID: TR52


Issuing Country: Guinea-Bissau
Date of Issue: May 24, 1989
Scott Catalogue Number(s): 795-801
2015 Scott Catalogue Value: $4.95 for cancelled set
Description: This cancelled (CTO) set of seven stamps features various railroad engines.
Price: $1.50
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Rural America Issue (Train) United States, 1974
Item ID: TR53


Featuring a passenger train and a wheat field in the design, this mint stamp commemorated the 100th anniversary of the introduction of hard winter wheat into Kansas by Mennonite immigrants. Issued on August 16, 1974. Scott Cat.# 1506
Price: $0.45
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