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The Summer Olympic Games
Commemorated on Authentic Postage Stamps

To quickly locate stamps that feature the Summer Olympics from a particular year or city, please try our search function.

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21st Summer Olympic Games (Montreal)Togo, 1976
Item ID: OL75


Issued by Togo on June 15, 1976, this complete set of six lightly cancelled stamps (including three airmail stamps) promoted the 21st Summer Olympic Games held in Montreal (July 17 - Aug. 1, 1976). The stamps feature the Montreal Olympic emblem and the following sports: running (track), kayak, high jump, yachting, mortorcycling, and fencing.
Price: $1.55
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18th Summer Olympic Games (Tokyo)Togo, 1964
Item ID: OL76


This complete set of five lightly cancelled stamps (including an airmail stamp) was issued by Togo in October 1964 to commemorate the 18th Summer Olympic Games (hosted by Tokyo, Japan, Oct. 10-25, 1964). The featured sports are soccer, running (track), discus, and tennis.
Price: $1.15
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19th Summer Olympic Games (Mexico City)Cyprus, 1968
Item ID: OL77


Issued by Cyprus on Oct. 24, 1968, this complete mint set of three stamps commemorated the 19th Summer Olympic Games held in Mexico City (Oct. 12-27, 1968). The stamps feature a discus thrower, a runner, and the Olympic Stagium in Mexico City.
Price: $0.85
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24th Summer Olympic GamesSeoul, 1988
Item ID: OL78


This small sheet of four mint stamps features a runner at a starting block, leaving the block, in full stride, and crossing the finish line. Issued by Nevis on Aug. 26, 1988, this sheet commemorates the 24th Summer Olympic Games held in Seoul, Korea, during 1988. The reatil value of this item is $4.75 (Scott 2007 Standard Postage Stamp Catalogue, Vol. 4).
Price: $3.85
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21st Summer Olympic Games (Montreal)Germany (East), 1976
Item ID: OL81


East Germany (German Democratic Republic) issued this lightly cancelled complete set of six stamps on May 18, 1976, to promote the 21st Summer Olympic Games. These Games were hosted by Montreal, Canada (July 17- Aug.1, 1976). The stamps feature the olympic rings and the following: town and sport halls (Suhl), regatta course (Brandenburg), 1500-meter race, Central Stadium (Leipzig), swimming pool (High School for Physical Education; Leipzig), and a rifle range (Suhl).
Price: $2.10
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29th Summer Olympics (Beijing)United States, 2008
Item ID: OL83


The United States Postal Service continued its tradition of honoring the spirit of athleticism and international unity inspired by the Olympic Games with the release of this mint self-adhesive stamp on June 19, 2008. The stamp was issued to coincide with 29th Summer Olympic Games hosted by Beijing, China. Scott Cat.# 4334
Price: $1.10
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17th Summer Olympic GamesRome, 1960
Item ID: OL84


This complete set of eight mint stamps was issued by Morocco on Sept. 26, 1960, to commemorate the 17th Summer Olympic Games (Rome, Aug. 25-Sept. 11, 1960). The attractively engraved stamps feature the following sports: wrestling, gymnastics, bicycling, weight lifting, track (runner), boxing, sailing, and fencing. This set has a $4.00 retail value (Scott 2007 Standard Postage Stamp Catalogue, Vol. 4).
Price: $3.10
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19th Summer Olympic GamesMexico City, 1968Set of 6 Mint Stamps
Item ID: OL87


Luxembourg publicized the 19th Summer Olympic Games with the release of this complete mint set of six stamps on Feb. 22, 1968. The Games were held in Mexico City, Oct. 12-27, 1968. Swimming, soccer, bicycling, running, walking, and fencing are the featured sports. Scott Cat.# 460-5
Price: $1.55
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23rd Summer Olympic Games (Los Angeles)Zambia, 1984
Item ID: OL96


This complete set of four mint stamps was issued by Zambia on July 18, 1984, to promote the 23rd Summer Olympic Games. The 1984 Summer Olympics were hosted by Los Angeles (California, United States). The stamps depict Olympic soccer, running (track), hurdles (track), and boxing. The retail value of this set is $2.50 (Scott 2011 Standard Postage Stamp Catalogue, Vol. 6).
Price: $1.65
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17th Summer Olympic Games - Rome Mint Stamp Sheet Egypt, 1960
Item ID: OL97


Egypt issued this mint imperforate (no perforation holes) stamp sheet on July 23, 1960, to commemorate / advertise the 17th Summer Olympic Games, held in Rome (Aug. 25 - Sept. 11, 1960). The stamp features a stadium in Cairo and has a retail value of $3.00 (Scott 2007 Standard Postage Stamp Catalogue, Vol. 2).
Price: $2.50
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Keel Yachts Mint Set of 5 Russia, 1978
Item ID: SH60


Issuing Country: Russia
Date of Issue: October 26, 1978
Scott Catalogue Number(s): B79-83
2015 Scott Catalogue Value: $1.80
Description: This complete mint set of five stamps features various keel yachts and the Moscow '80 Olympics emblem.
Price: $1.40
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National Olympiad - Lithuania Mint Set of 4
Item ID: SO87


Issuing Country: Lithuania
Date of Issue: July 13, 1938
Scott Catalogue Number(s): B43-46
Scott Catalogue Value (2015): $42.50
Description: Featuring javelin throwing, archery, diving and running, this scarce complete mint set of four stamps (never hinged) commemorates the Lithuania National Olympiad.
Price: $24.00
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