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Space Topics Commemorated on Authentic Postage Stamps

Space programs, space exploration, rockets and space vehicles,
the space shuttle, astronomy, satellites, and more.

Home » Space Stamps

The following discount applies to all items.
10% Discount on all orders over $40

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Nicolaus Copernicus Mint Stamp + Label Hungary, 1973
Item ID: SP150


Issuing Country: Hungary
Date of Issue: February 19, 1973
Scott Catalogue Number(s): 2218
Description: This mint stamp and attached label pays tribute to Nicolaus Copernicus. The label features the heliocentric system and view of Torun.
Price: $0.75
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Halley's Comet Mint Set of 4 Sri Lanka, 1986
Item ID: SP151


Issuing Country: Sri Lanka
Date of Issue: April 5, 1986
Scott Catalogue Number(s): 782-785
Scott Catalogue Value (2015): $1.45
Description: Issued to commemorate Halley's Comet, this complete mint set of four stamps features "Comet is not an omen," constellations, trajectory diagrams and Edmond Halley.
Price: $1.15
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Codex Moon Symbol Mexico, 1979
Item ID: SP152


Issuing Country: Mexico
Date of Issue: November 30, 1979
Scott Catalogue Number(s): C624
Description: Issued for the 10th anniversary of the Apollo 11 Moon landing, this airmail mint stamp features a moon symbol from the Mexican Codex.
Price: $0.35
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Apollo 11 - Mint Set of 4
Item ID: SP153


Issuing Country: Liberia
Date of Issue: July 20, 1989
Scott Catalogue Number(s): 1125-1128
Scott Catalogue Value (2015): $5.15
Description: This set of four mint stamps was issued to commemorate the 20th anniversary of the 1969 Moon landing. The stamps feature the recovery ship USS Okinawa, Buzz Aldrin, Michael Collins and Neil Armstrong, the mission emblem, and Aldrin stepping on the Moon.
Price: $3.50
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Apollo 11 - Mint Mini-Sheet Liberia, 1969
Item ID: SP154


Issued by Liberia on October 15, 1969, this mint airmail souvenir sheet commemorates the July 20, 1969 Apollo 11 moon landing. The stamp features astronauts Neil Armstrong, Col. Edwin Aldrin Jr., and Lieut. Col. Michael Collins. The 2015 Scott Cataogue value for this sheet is $2.50. Scott Cat.# C184
Price: $1.95
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Apollo 11 - 20th Anniv. Mint Mini-Sheet Liberia, 1989
Item ID: SP155


This mint high denomination souvenir sheet, featuring astronaut Buzz Aldrin preparing to conduct experiments on the Moon's surface, commemorates the 20th anniversary of the July 20, 1969 Apollo 11 moon landing. Issued by Liberia on July 20, 1989. Scott Catalogue value: $5.50. Scot Cat.# 1129
Price: $3.65
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Space Communications Mint Set of 3
Item ID: SP156


Issuing Country: Liberia
Date of Issue: June 22, 1964
Scott Catalogue Number(s): 415-417
2015 Scott Catalogue Value: $1.10
Description: This complete mint set of three stamps recognizes progress in space communications and the peaceful uses of outer space. The stamp designs feature satellites (Syncom, Relay I and Mariner II).
Price: $0.90
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Intl. Quiet Sun Year Mint Imperforate Mini-Sheet
Item ID: SP159


Date of Issue: October 10, 1965
Scott Catalogue Number(s): 963b
2017 Scott Catalogue Value: $14.00
Description: Issued by Cuba, this mint, imperforate mini-sheet was issued to commemorate the "International Quiet Sun Year." Released in conjunction with the Philatelic Space Exhibition, held in Havana (Oct. 10-17, 1965). The stamp image is intended to illustrate the effect of the sun on satellite orbits.
Price: $7.25
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Skylab Project Issue United States, 1974.
Item ID: SP16


The United States launched Skylab, its first orbiting space station, in May, 1973. The nine month Skylab program involved three different missions and crews and was designed to test man's ability to adapt and perform in a space environment for long periods of time. This mint stamp, issued on May 14, 1974, depicts the space walk required for repairs during the second mission. Scott Cat.# 1529
Price: $0.45
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First Moon Landing Mint Set of 2
Item ID: SP160


Issuing Country: Monaco
Date of Issue: May 4, 1970
Scott Catalogue Number(s): 772-773
2015 Scott Catalogue Value: $1.40
Description: Issued to commemorate Man's first landing on the moon (July 20, 1969), this complete mint set of two stamps features the American flag on the moon, the plaque on the moon, and presidents Kennedy and Nixon on one stamp, and, on the other stamp, astronauts and the landing module on the moon and the Apollo 11 emblem.
Price: $1.25
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Mysteries of the Universe Set of 16 Mini-Sheets Maldive Islands, 1992
Item ID: SP161


Issuing Country: Maldive Islands
Date of Issue: October 28, 1992
Scott Catalogue Number(s): 1757-72
Scott Catalogue Value (2015): $104.00
Description: This complete mint set of 16 mini-sheets features 16 different mysteries of the universe (each described in the selvage of the sheet). Our price, after the auto-applied 10% discount, is $41.40 (60% off the Scott Catalogue retail value). Please click on the thumbnail image to view images of all 16 sheets.
Price: $46.00
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Space Achievements Issue Hungary, 1965
Item ID: SP164


Issuing Country: Hungary
Date of Issue: December 20, 1965
Scott Catalogue Number(s): C260
2015 Scott Catalogue Value: $3.50
Description: Issued to commemorate achievements in space research, this mint mini-sheet, with a single high denomination stamp, features a rocket sending off satellites.
Price: $2.70
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