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Ships and Boats Featured on Authentic Postage Stamps

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Micronesia/Marshall Islands Mint Pair United States, 1990
Item ID: SH120


This attached pair of mint stamps was issued by the USPS to commemorate the relationship between the United States and the Federated States of Micronesia and the republic of the Marshall Islands. One stamp features a canoe and the Micronesian flag; the other features a stick chart, canoe and the Marshall islands flag. Issued on September 28, 1990. Scott Cat.# 2507a
Price: $1.40
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Washington Statehood issue United States, 1989
Item ID: SH121


The USPS issued this mint stamp on February 22, 1989, to mark the centennial of Washington statehood, the 40th state to enter the Union. The stamp design features Mount Rainier with moon above and a canoe on a lake in the foreground. Scott Cat.# 2404
Price: $0.75
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Juan Rodriguez Cabrillo issue United States, 1992
Item ID: SH122


This mint stamp, issued by the U.S. Postal Service on September 28, 1992, honors the Spanish explorer Juan Rodriguez Cabrillo (1499-1543) on the 450th anniversary of his exploration of the West Coast of North America. Cabrillo named San Miguel Harbor, later the site of San Diego, California. Scott Cat.# 2704
Price: $0.85
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Coast Guard Ship Mint Airmail stamp United States, 1991
Item ID: SH123


This mint airmail stamp, issued by the U.S. on June 21, 1991, commemorates the 30th anniversary of the 1961 Antarctic Treaty that dedicated the area to peaceful purposes. The stamp design features a view of McMurdo Sound with a United States Coast Guard ship in the foreground. Scott Cat.# C130
Price: $1.35
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Shackleton Presentation Pack  Mint Set of 8 Stamps
Item ID: SH124


Issuing Country: Great Britain
Date of Issue: January 7, 2016
Scott Catalogue Number(s):
Description: This item is a Royal Post Prersentation Pack that includes eight mint stamps (in four pairs) and a tri-fold holder that opens to a nicely illustrated and descriptive history of Shackelton's Imperial Trans-Antarctic Expedition. The stamp designs are from photographs that begin with the vessel's (Endurance) departure from Plymouth in 1914 and culminate in the rescue of the stranded crew in August, 1916.
Price: $27.95
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Steamships - Canada, 1951
Item ID: SH126


Issuing Country: Canada
Date of Issue: September 24, 1961
Scott Catalogue Number(s): 312
Scott Catalogue Value (2015): $1.80
Description: Featuring the steamships City of Toronto and Prince George, this mint stamp was issued to commemorate the centenary of the British North American Postal Administration.
Price: $1.55
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Yachts - Set of 2 Yugoslavia, 1986
Item ID: SH128


Issuing Country: Yugoslavia
Date of Issue: May 23, 1986
Scott Catalogue Number(s): 1784-1785
2015 Scott Catalogue Value: $0.65
Description: Issued to commemorate the 1986 European Sailing Championships, this set of two mint stamps features Yachts and Moscenika Draga Bay.
Price: $0.60
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Sidewheelers - Mint Set of 2 Yugoslavia, 1979
Item ID: SH129


Issuing Country: Yugoslavia
Date of Issue: December 14, 1979
Scott Catalogue Number(s): 1455-1456
2015 Scott Catalogue Value: $1.50
Description: This mint set of two stamps features the sidewheeler Deligrade (1862-1914) and the sidewheeler Serbia (1917-1972).
Price: $1.20
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Riverboats - Mint Strip of 5 United States, 1996
Item ID: SH13


Issued by the U. S. Postal Service on August 22, 1996, this mint vertical strip of five self-adhesive stamps commemorates steam-powered riverboats. Thousands of these riverboats navigated the waterways of America until the nation's growing network of railroads made them obsolete. The featured riverboats are the Far West, the Rebecca Everingham, the Bailey Gatzert, the Robert E. Lee, and the Sylvan Dell. Scott Cat.# 3091-3095.
Price: $3.75
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Ships - Mint Set of 8 Poland, 1964
Item ID: SH130


Issuing Country: Poland
Date of Issue: March 19, 1964
Scott Catalogue Number(s): 1206-1213
2015 Scott Catalogue Value: $2.50
Description: This complete mint set of eight stamps features the following sailing ships: the "Caravel of Columbus," a galleon, a Polish warship, a Dutch merchant ship, a line ship, a frigate, a 19th century merchantman, and the 20th century school ship "Dar Pomorza."
Price: $1.95
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Historic Ships - Set of 4 Germany (Berlin), 1977
Item ID: SH131


Issuing Country: Germany (Berlin)
Date of Issue: April 14, 1977
Scott Catalogue Number(s): 9NB133-9NB136
Scott Catalogue Value (2015): $3.50
Description: This complete mint set of four stamps features the following historic ships: Bremer Kogge (c.1380), Helena Sloman (1850), passenger ship Cap Polonio (1914), and freighter Widar (1971).
Price: $2.75
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Sailing Ships - Sheet of 4 Denmark, 2015
Item ID: SH133


Issuing Country: Denmark
Date of Issue: June 13, 2015
Scott Catalogue Number(s): Unavailable at time of listing
Description: This mint sheet of four stamps features the following Danish training ships (maritime education): Kobenhavn (disappeared in 1928), Danmark, Georg Stage and Fulton.
Price: $7.95
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