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Ships and Boats Featured on Authentic Postage Stamps

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New york Tercentenary Issue United States, 1953
Item ID: SH22


Issued on November 20, 1953, this mint U.S. stamp commemorates the 300th anniversary of the incorporation of New Amsterdam (later re-named New York) as a city. The stamp design depicts a Dutch ship with New Amsterdam shoreline; the modern (1950's) New York skyline is in the background. Scott Cat.# 1027
Price: $0.40
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Arctic Exploration Issue United States, 1959
Item ID: SH23


This mint U.S. Arctic Explorations issue marked the conquest of the North polar regions and commemorated the 50th anniversary of Admiral Robert Peary's expedition. A nuclear-powered submarine (U.S.S. Nautilus) joined the anniversary celebration and is depicted on the stamp. The stamp design also features a dog sled team. Issued on April 6, 1959. Scott Cat.# 1128
Price: $0.40
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Virginia of Sagadahock Issue United States, 1957
Item ID: SH24


This mint stamp was issued by the United States on August 15, 1957, to commemorate the 350th anniversary of shipbuilding in America. The stamp design depicts the Virginia of Sagadahock, the first American-built ship to participate in world commerce. The design also includes the state seal of Maine. Scott Cat.# 1095
Price: $0.40
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Submarines - Mint Set of 5 Stamps Russia, 1990
Item ID: SH26


This complete mint set of five stamps, issued by Russia on November 14, 1990, features the following Russian submarines: Sever-2, Tinro-2, Argus, Palsis, and Mir. $2.90 retail value (Scott 2010 Standard Postage Stamp Catalogue, Vol. 5).
Price: $2.45
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Naval Commanders & War Ships Mint Sheet of 5 Stamps Russia, 1987
Item ID: SH27


Russia commemorated the following 18th-19th century naval commanders (and their war ships) with the issuance of this mint sheet of five stamps (plus one label at lower left in the sheet): Adm. Grigori Andreyevich Spiridov (1713-1790), Fedor Fedorovich Ushakov (1745-1817), Adm. Dimitiri Nikolayevich Senyavin (1763-1831), Mikhail Petrovich Lazarev (1788-1851), and Adm. Pavel Stepanovich Nakhimov (1802-1855).
Price: $2.75
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Ships, Mint Set of 7 Stamps Hungary, 1967
Item ID: SH28


Issued by Hungary on June 1, 1967 (during the 25th session of the Danube Commission), this complete mint set of seven stamps features the following ships (and the flags from the ship's home country): S.S. Ferencz (Austria), diesel hydrobus Bratislava (Czechoslovakia), diesel ship Hunyadi (Hungary), diesel tug Szekszard (Yugoslavia), toeboat Miskolc (Bulgaria), cargo ship Tihany (Romania), and Hydrofoil Siraly I (Russia).
Price: $8.40
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Ships - Mint Set of 7 Stamps Benin, 1995
Item ID: SH29


Issued by Benin on May 30, 1995, this complete mint set of seven stamps (including one in a high denomination souvenir sheet format) features the following ships/boats: steam-driven paddle boat (1788), Paddle steamer Charlotte (1802), transatlantic steamship Citta de Catania, hovercraft Mountbatten SR-N4, the QEII, Japanese experimental atomic energy ship, and the paddle steamer Savannah (1819). $8.60 retail value (Scott 2010 Standard Postage Stamp Catalogue, Vol. 1).
Price: $6.75
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Ship & Penguins Belgian Antarctic Expeditions Belgium, 1966
Item ID: SH32


Belgium issued this mint single-stamp mini-sheet on October 8, 1966, to commemorate the Belgian Antarctic expeditions. The stamp depicts penguins and the ship "Magga Dan." This ship was used for the 1964, 1965 and 1966 expeditions.
Price: $2.35
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Canadian Navy Centennial Mint Mini-Sheet of 2 Canada, 2010
Item ID: SH33


Canada is bordered by three oceans and home to the largest coastline in the world. Since 1910, the Canadian Navy has played a vital protection role. This mint mini-sheet, issued by Canada on May 4, 2010, commemorates the 100th anniversary of the Canadian Navy. One of Canada's first warships, the HMCS Niobe, is depicted on the left-hand stamp; the modern frigate HMCS Halifax is featured on the right-hand stamp.
Price: $2.40
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Vintage Mahogany Speedboats Mint Sheet of 12 Stamps United States, 2007
Item ID: SH34


Issued by the United States Postal Service on August 4, 2007, this mint sheet of twelve self-adhesive stamps features the following vintage mahogany speedboat models: 1915 Hutchinson, 1954 Chris-Craft, 1939 Hacker-Craft, and 1931 Gar Wood. Scott Cat.# 4163a (4160-4163)
Price: $11.25
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Naval Museum Centenary Issue Brazil, 1984
Item ID: SH36


Issuing Country: Brazil
Date of Issue: March 23, 1984
Scott Catalogue Number(s): 1901
2015 Scott Catalogue Value: $1.50
Description: Issued by Brazil for the 100th anniversary of its Naval Museum, this mint stamp features a frigate and a ship's figurehead from 1847.
Price: $1.15
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Tall Ships - Set of 6 Bermuda, 1976
Item ID: SH37


Issuing Country: Bermuda
Date of Issue: June 15, 1976
Scott Catalogue Number(s): 337-342
2017 Scott Catalogue Value: $7.65
Description: Issued to commemorate the "Trans-Atlantic Cutty Sark International Tall Ships Race," between Plymouth, England, and New York City, this complete mint set of six stamps features six different tall ships. The names of the ships are inscribed on the stamp (small text).
Price: $6.60
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