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Scouting and youth clubs featured on authentic postage stamps. 

Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts, Girl Guides, Boys Club of America, Camp Fire Girls, FFA, and more.

Home » Scouting & Youth Club Stamps

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Boy's Brigade - Mint Mini-Sheet Samoa, 1983
Item ID: SC167


Samoa commemorated the 100th anniversary of The Boy's Brigade" (1883-1983) with the issuance of this mint mini-sheet on October 10, 1983. The Scott 2015 Catalogue value for this sheet is $3.75. Scott Cat.# 619.
Price: $3.25
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75th Anniv. of Scouting Mint Mini-Sheet Samoa, 1982
Item ID: SC168


Issued by Samoa on July 20, 1982, this mint souvenir sheet commemorates the 75th Anniversary of scouting. The stamp features troop members engaged in a team-building exercise and has an inset of Lord Baden-Powell. Scout Cat.# 578a.
Price: $1.65
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Scouting Year - Mint Set of 3 Gambia, 1982
Item ID: SC169


Issuing Country: Gambia
Date of Issue: May, 1982
Scott Catalogue Number(s): 440-2
Scott Catalogue Value (2015): $8.25
Description: Gambia celebrated Scouting Year (1982; the 75th anniversary of scouting) with the release of this complete mint set of three stamps. The stamp designs feature scouts planting trees, woodworking and Lord Baden-Powell.
Price: $6.75
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Boy Scout Jamboree Mint Strip of 5 Korea, 1975
Item ID: SC170


Issuing Country: South Korea
Date of Issue: July 29, 1975
Scott Catalogue Number(s): 986a (982-986)
2015 Scott Catalogue Value: $5.50
Description: Issued to commemorate Nordjamb 75, 14th Boy Scout Jamboree, hosted by Lillehammer, Norway, between July 29 - August 7, 1975.
Price: $4.30
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Mexican Boy Scout Assoc. issue Mexico, 1976
Item ID: SC171


This mint stamp was issued by Mexico on August 24, 1976, to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the Mexican Boy Scout Association. Scott Cat.# 1147
Price: $0.35
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Boy Scouts - Set of 3 Gabon, 1996
Item ID: SC172


Issuing Country: Gabon
Date of Issue: July 15, 1996
Scott Catalogue Number(s): 822-824
2015 Scott Catalogue Value: $4.00
Description: This mint set of three stamps was issued to honor the Boy Scouts. A Scout giving the Scout sign, Scouts constructing a lean-to, and Scouts camping are featured.
Price: $2.95
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3rd Libyan Scout Meeting Mint Imperf. Sheet of 3 Libya, 1962
Item ID: SC173


Issued by Libya on July 13, 1962, this mint imperforate mini-sheet of three stamps commemorates the Third Libyan Scout Meeting (Philia). The stamps feature clasped hands & the Scout amblem, a group of four scouts and emblem, and the Scout emblem and tents. The 2015 Scout Catalogue value for this sheet is $20.00. Scott Cat.# 225.
Price: $13.95
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Scouting Year Issue Mint set of 5
Item ID: SC174


Issuing Country: Lesotho
Date of Issue: March 5, 1982
Scott Catalogue Number(s): 357-361
2015 Scott Catalogue Value: $3.65
Description: Issued to commemorate Scouting year (the 75th anniversary of Scouting; 1907-1982), this mint set of five stamps features scouts bugling, hiking, drawing, holding a flag and saluting. Note the perforations are a bit irregular on this issue.
Price: $2.65
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Scouting Year Issue Surcharged Set of 7
Item ID: SC177


Issuing Country: Zaire
Date of Issue: December 2, 1985
Scott Catalogue Number(s): 1207-1213
Scott Catalogue Value (2015): $18.90
Description: Originally issued in 1982 to commemorate the 75th anniversary of scouting, this complete mint set of seven stamps is a 1985 re-release with new denominations (surcharged via overprint) and with an International Youth Year emblem overprint.
Price: $11.25
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Scouting - Sheet of 3 + Souvenir Sheet Central Africa, 2011
Item ID: SC178


Issuing Country: Central Africa
Date of Issue: December 27, 2011
Scott Catalogue Number(s): 1593, 1616
2017 Scott Catalogue Value: $22.50
Description: Featuring Boy Scouts, Cub Scouts, Lord Robert Baden-Powell (1857-1941), and Olave Baden-Powell (1889-1977), this set of two mint sheets celebrates scouting (titled, "The Famous Scouts," in French). In addition to Scouts engaged in various activities, a butterfly and mushrooms are also depicted in the sheet selvages. The set includes a sheet of three stamps and a single-stamp, high denomination souvenir sheet.
Price: $13.50
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Australian Scouts Sheet of 4 + Souvenir Sheet
Item ID: SC179


Issuing Country: Solomon Islands
Date of Issue: March 3, 2014
Scott Catalogue Number(s): 1500, 1517
2015 Scott Catalogue Value: $17.35
Description: This mint set of two sheets, one a sheet of four stamps- the other a souvenir sheet with a high denomination stamp, pays tribute to Australian Scouts.
Price: $9.95
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Papua New Guinea Boy Scouts Mint Set of 2
Item ID: SC180


Issuing Country: Papua New Guinea
Date of Issue: August 18, 1976
Scott Catalogue Number(s): 437, 439
2015 Scott Catalogue Value: $0.80
Description: This mint set of two stamps was issued to commemorate the 50th anniversary of Papua New Guinea Boy Scouts. These stamps are from a four stamp set; the other two stamps commemorate an unrelated aviation event (Scott# 438, 440; when available, we offer these stamps as item# AV111).
Price: $0.70
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