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Scouting and youth clubs featured on authentic postage stamps. 

Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts, Girl Guides, Boys Club of America, Camp Fire Girls, FFA, and more.

Home » Scouting & Youth Club Stamps

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Boy Scouts - Mint Set of 5 Guatemala, 1966
Item ID: SC143


Issuing Country: Guatemala
Date of Issue: March 3, 1966
Scott Catalogue Number(s): C328-C332
Scott Catalogue Value (2015): $5.30
Description: This complete set of five airmail stamps was issued to commemorate the 5th Interamerican Regional Training Conference, hosted by Guatemala City, March 1-3, 1966. The stamp designs feature scouts, a campfire, the scout emblem, a scout giving the scout sign, flags and Lord Baden-Powell.
Price: $4.45
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Baden-Powell - Sheet of 2 St. Thomas & Prince Island, 2011
Item ID: SC144


Issuing Country: St. Thomas and Prince Island
Date of Issue: 2011
Description: This mint sheet of two high-denomination stamps commemorates Lord Robert Baden-Powell (1857-1941). The stamps feature Boy Scouts engaged in various activities; also featured are moths (Hibrildes venosa and Epicimelia theresiae).
Price: $13.40
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Scouting Centennial Mint Sheet of 3 St. Vincent (Bequia), 2007
Item ID: SC145


St. Vincent (Bequia) celebrated the 100th anniversary of scouting with the release of this mint sheet of three stamps on January 15, 2007. The three high-denomination stamps feature Lord Robert Baden-Powell; an enlarged version of the stamp art is provided in the sheet selvage. Scott Cat.# 401.
Price: $9.50
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BSA Centennial Mint Sheet of 3 Uganda, 2010
Item ID: SC148


Uganda commemorated the 100th anniversary of the Boy Scouts of America with the release of this mint sheet of three stamps on October 14, 2010. The three stamps feature the emblems of the National Scout Jamboree, the Philmont Scout Ranch (Cimarron, New Mexico) and the Florida High Adventure Sea Base. Scott Cat.# 1907.
Price: $9.35
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Girl Scouts - Queen Ingrid Denmark, 1960
Item ID: SC149


Issuing Country: Denmark
Date of Issue: October 25, 1960
Scott Catalogue Number(s): B28
Description: This mint stamp, featuring Danish Queen Ingrid in a scout uniform, commemorated Queen Ingrid's 25th anniversary as a Girl Scout. The original purchase of the stamp required a surtax which went to the Scout's fund for needy and sick children.
Price: $0.90
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Ryukyuan Boy Scouts Ryukyu, 1965
Item ID: SC150


Ryukyu Islands issued this mint stamp on February 6, 1965, to celebrate the 10th anniversary of Ryukyuan Boy Scouts. Scott Cat.# 130.
Price: $0.40
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Scouting Year issue Mint Set of 8 Kenya, 1982
Item ID: SC152


Issued by Kenya on June 2, 1982, this complete mint set of eight stamps (four pairs) commemorates Scouting Year, the 75th anniversary of world scouting. The 2015 Scott Catalogue value for this set (in pairs) is $15.00. Scott Cat.#'s 217a, 219a, 221a and 223a.
Price: $11.50
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Scouting Year issue Mint Set of 4 Mauritius, 1982
Item ID: SC153


Mauritius celebrated the 75th anniversary of world scouting (Scouting Year) with the release of this complete mint set of four stamps on February 25, 1982. The stamps feature Baden-Powell, the scout emblem, the grand howl & scout sign and scouts with mountains in the background. 2015 Scott Catalogue value: $5.00. Scott Cat.# 540-3
Price: $4.25
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Scouting Year issue Mint Set of 4 Papua New Guinea, 1982
Item ID: SC154


Papua New Guinea celebrated the 75th anniversary of world scouting (Scouting Year) with the release of this complete mint set of four stamps on January 20, 1982. The stamp designs feature Lord Baden-Powell / flag raising, a scout leader / campfire, a scout / hut building, and Percey Chatterton / first aid. Scott Cat.# 554-7
Price: $1.85
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Scouting Year - Mini-Sheet Sierra Leone, 1982
Item ID: SC155


Issued by Sierra Leone for Scouting Year on August 23, 1982, this mint high denomination mini-sheet (souvenir sheet) depicts scouts performing a flag raising ceremony. The stamp includes the By scouts emblem and the inscription, "75th Anniversary of Boy Scouts." The 2015 Scott Catalogue retail value for this sheet is $4.25. Scott Cat.# 539.
Price: $3.40
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Scouting Year Overprinted Souvenir Sheet Ghana, 1984
Item ID: SC156


Issuing Country: Ghana
Date of Issue: February 8, 1984
Scott Catalogue Number(s): 877
Scott Catalogue Value (2015): $2.50
Description: Originally issued in 1982 (Scott Cat.# 798) to celebrate Scouting Year (75th anniversary of scouting), this mint mini-sheet was surcharged in 1984 (overprinted to change the denomination). The sheet features Lord Baden-Powell surrounded by saluting scouts.
Price: $1.95
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Girl Guides - 75th Anniv. Mint Set of 5 Solomon Islands, 1985
Item ID: SC157


This complete mint set of five stamps was issued by Solomon Islands on September 30, 1985, to commemorate the 75th anniversary of the Girl Guides and International Youth Year. The stamp designs feature various Girl Guide activities. The 2015 Scott retail value for this set is $7.05. Scott Cat.# 551-5.
Price: $5.60
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