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Religion and Religious Topics Featured on Authentic Postage Stamps

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St. Patrick - Mint Set of 3
Item ID: RL192


Issuing Country: Ireland
Date of Issue: September 25, 1961
Scott Catalogue Number(s): 179-181
2019 Scott Catalogue Value: $4.75
Description: This complete mint set of three stamps commemorates the 1,500th anniversary of St. Patrick's death.
Price: $3.30
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Eucharistic Congress: Fine- F/VF Set of 2 Ireland, 1932
Item ID: RL193-2


Issuing Country: Ireland
Date of Issue: May 12, 1932
Scott Catalogue Number(s): 85-86
2019 Scott Catalogue Value: $10.50
Description: Issued to commemorate an International Eucharistic Congress, this complete mint set of two stamps features the Cross of Cong and chalice. Centered Fine to F/VF overall, with a couple half-length perforation tips. One in stock; the imaged set is the one you will receive.
Price: $4.30
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Pope John Paul II Mint Set of 2 Sheets
Item ID: RL196


Issuing Country: St. Thomas & Prince Islands
Date of Issue: 2003
Scott Catalogue Number(s): 1451-1452
2019 Scott Catalogue Value: $20.00
Description: This item is two mint sheets issued to pay tribute to Pope John Paul II on the 25th anniversary of his reign; each sheet includes nine different photographs of the Pope.
Price: $6.50
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Ceiling Paintings; St. Martin ChurchSwitzerland, 1966
Item ID: RL20


This complete set of five mint stamps, issued by Switzerland on June 1, 1966, features ceiling paintings from the Church of St. Martin of Zillis (four stamps) and the writer Heinrich Federer (1866-1928; one stamp). The ceiling paintings depict "Joseph's Dream," "Joseph on His Way," "Virgin and Child Fleeing to Egypt," and "Angel Leading the Way."
Price: $1.65
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Romanesque Art- Mint Set of 4Spain, 1961
Item ID: RL21


Spain released this complete mint set of four stamps on July 24, 1961, to commemorate the Seventh Exposition of the Council of Europe dedicated to Romanesque art, Barcelona-Santiago de Compostela, July 10- Oct. 10, 1961. The following artwork is attractuvely depicted: a Bas-relief from Compostela Cathedral, Cloister of Silos, Virgin of Irache, and Christ from San Clemente, Tahull. Scott Cat.# 1004-7.
Price: $2.35
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Marian Year - Mint Set of 10 StampsSpain, 1954
Item ID: RL22


Spain publicized the Marian Year with the issuance of this complete mint set of 10 stamps on July 18, 1954. The stamps feature various depictions of the Virgin Mother (the artwork source or description is inscribed at the bottom of each stamp in small print). Pope Pius XII ordered that 1954 be a Marian Year, the first of two in history. The retail value of this set is $11.00 (Scott 2007 Standard Postage Stamp Catalogue, Vol. 6).
Price: $6.95
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Raphael- Christ's Charge to PeterTristan Da Cunha, 1983
Item ID: RL23


This beautiful souvenir sheet, issued by Tristan Da Cunha on Oct. 27, 1983, pays tribute to Raphael on the 500th anniversary of his birth. The single-stamp mint sheet features Raphael's "Christ's Charge to Peter," located in the Victoria and Albert Museum. A set of three stamps with the same theme was issued concurrently (see item #RL24).
Price: $1.50
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New York World's FairVatican City, 1964
Item ID: RL26


Vatican City issued this complete mint set of four stamps on on Apr. 22, 1964, to celebrate the World's Fair (New York, 1964-1965). The stamps feature "Pieta" by Michelangelo, Pope Paul VI (two stamps), and the head of Mary fron "Pieta." Note that for the sets currently in stock, the designs on two or three stamps are well off-centered (but not touching the perforations)- our price has been reduced accordingly.
Price: $0.65
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Michelangelo BuonarrotiVatican City, 1964
Item ID: RL27


Vatican City paid tribute to Michelangelo (1475-1564) by the release of this complte set of five mint stamps on June 16, 1964. One stamps features Michelangelo by Jacopino del Conte; the remaining stamps feature the following designs from the Sistine Chapel: Isaiah, Delphie Sibyl, Jeremiah, and Joel.
Price: $1.10
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Christmas 1964 - Vatican City Mint Set of 3 Stamps
Item ID: RL28


Issued for Christmas mail use by Vatican City on November 16, 1964, this complete mint set of three stamps feature a Japanese Nativity scene by artist Kimiko Koseki.
Price: $0.60
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Pope Paul VI Mint Set of 4 Stamps Vatican City, 1964
Item ID: RL29


Issued by Vatican City on December 2, 1964, this complete mint set of three stamps commemorated the trip of Pope Paul VI to India, Dec. 2-5, 1964. The stamps feature Pope Paul VI and map of India and Southeast Asia, Pope Paul VI at prayer, Eucharistic Congress altar (Bombay), and the Gateway to India (Bombay).
Price: $0.75
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Anniversary of Birth of Dante Mint Set of 4 Stamps Vatican City, 1965
Item ID: RL30


Vatican City commemorated the 700th anniversary of the birth of Dante Alighieri ("Dante," c. 1265-1321) with the issuance of this complete set of four stamps on May 18, 1965. Dante was an Italian poet of the Middle Ages; his Divine Comedy is considered a masterpiece of world literature. The stamps feature "Dante" by Raphael, and the following by Botticelli: Dante and the 3 beasts at entrance to the inferno, Dante and Virgil at entrance to Purgatory, and Dante and Beatrice in Paradise.
Price: $0.80
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