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Religion and Religious Topics Featured on Authentic Postage Stamps

Home » Religion on Stamps

The following discount applies to all items.
10% Discount on all orders over $40

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Paintings (Christmas Themed) Mint Set of 8 Gambia, 1990
Item ID: AR150


This complete mint set of eight stamps, issued by Gambia for Christmas on December 24, 1990, features paintings with religious Christmas themes. The following paintings are included: "The Annunciation with St. Emidius" by Crivelli, "The Annunciation" by Campin, "The Solly Madonna" by Raphael, "The Tempi Madonna" by Raphael, "Madonna of the Linen Window" by Raphael, ""The Orleans Madonna" by Raphael, "Madonna and Child" by Crivelli, and "The Niccolini-Cowper Madonna" by Raphael. Scott Cat.# 1034-1041. The 2015 Scott Catalogue value for this set is $13.65. Offered here at 40% off this retail value.
Price: $8.20
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Raphael Paintings / Christmas Mint set of 6 Liberia, 1983
Item ID: AR154


Issuing Country: Liberia
Date of Issue: December 14, 1983
Scott Catalogue Number(s): 975-980
2015 Scott Catalogue Value: $3.65
Description: This mint set of six stamps feature Raphael paintings with Christmas (religious) themes: Circumcision of Christ, Adoration of the Magi, Announcement to Mary, Madonna with Baldachin, Holy Family, detail of Madonna with Child Surrounded by Five Saints, and Madonna of Foligno. This item is currently one of our special offers; our list price of $2.45 has been reduced by 30% to $1.70
Price: $1.70
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Paintings by Rubens Liberia, 1984
Item ID: AR181


Issuing Country: Liberia
Date of Issue: June 1, 1984
Scott Catalogue Number(s): 992-997
Scott Catalogue Value (2015): $4.25
Description: This complete mint set of six stamps features religious paintings by Rubens (1577-1640). The following are included: Adoration of the Wise Men, Crowning of Katharina, Mother and Child Adored by Wise Men, Madonna and Child with Halo, Adoration of the Shepherds and Madonna and Child with Saints.
Price: $2.95
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Churches on Christmas Stamps Guernsey, 1970
Item ID: CH141


This complete mint set of four Christmas stamps was issued by Guernsey on November 11, 1970. The following churches, each printed in reflective gold-colored ink, are featured: St. Anne (Alderney), St. Tugual Chapel (Herm Island), St. Peter (Sark), and St. Peter Town Church (Guernsey).
Price: $3.15
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Christmas 1960 - Australia King James Bible Translation Anniv.
Item ID: CH182


This mint Christmas stamp, issued by Australia on November 9, 1960, additionally commemorated the beginning of the 350th anniversary year of the publication of the King James translation of the Bible. The stamp features a candle and an opened Bible, with the verse "Behold, I bring you good tidings of great joy."
Price: $0.45
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Columbia - Christmas, 1954 Mint Airmail Stamp
Item ID: CH234


Issuing Country: Columbia
Date of Issue: December 4, 1954
Scott Catalogue Number(s): C262
Description: Featuring the "Virgin of Chiquinquira" (and an airplane, signifying airmail service), this mint religious stamp was issued for Christmas mail use.
Price: $0.35
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Flight of the Holy Family Mint Set of 2 Stamps Ireland, 1960
Item ID: CH262


This complete mint set of two stamps, issued in 1960 by Ireland, features the "Flight of the Holy Family." 2019 Scott Cat. value = $1.45. Scott Cat.# 173-174
Price: $1.20
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Brazil - Christmas, 1967 Imperforate Sheet of 2
Item ID: CH348


Issuing Country: Brazil
Date of Issue: December 27, 1967
Scott Catalogue Number(s): 1060a
2017 Scott Catalogue Value: $25.00
Description: Issued for Christmas, this mint, imperforate sheet of two stamps commemorates the 250th anniversary of the discovery of the statue of Our Lady of Apparition. This statue is now in the National Basilica of the Apparition at Aparecida do Norte.
Price: $16.50
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Humanists Mint Sheet of 6
Item ID: PR103


Issuing Country: Comoro Islands
Date of Issue: January 7, 2009
Scott Catalogue Number(s): 1045
2019 Scott Catalogue Value: $12.50
Description: This mint sheet of six stamps features the following humanists: Miriam Makeba and Nelson Mandela, Mahatma Gandhi, Mother Teresa, Yassir Arafat, Shirin Ebadi and Hohammed El-Baradei.
Price: $3.75
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Red Cross Centenary Vatican City, 1964
Item ID: RC12


Issuing Country: Vatican City
Date of Issue: September 22, 1964
Scott Catalogue Number(s): 392-394
Description: This complete mint set of three stamps, featuring The Good Samaritan, was issued to commemorate the 100th anniversary (in 1963) of the International Red Cross organization.
Price: $0.70
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Red Cross Issue Monaco, 1971
Item ID: RC14


Issuing Country: Monaco
Date of Issue: September 6, 1971
Scott Catalogue Number(s): 812
Description: This mint stamp features St. Vincent de Paul appearing to prisoners and was issued to commemorate the Red Cross.
Price: $1.30
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Red Cross Issue Monaco, 1976
Item ID: RC15


Issuing Country: Monaco
Date of Issue: November 9, 1976
Scott Catalogue Number(s): 1037
Description: This large mint stamp was issued to commemorate the Red Cross and features Saint Louise de Marillac and children.
Price: $2.20
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