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The Game of Golf
Commemorated on Authentic Postage Stamps

Home » Sports on Stamps » Golf Stamps

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Bobby Jones - Golf United States, 1981
Item ID: GF1


Issued by the United States Postal Service on September 22, 1981, this mint stamp honors the great golfer, Bobby Jones. In 1930, Jones became the only golfer in history to win the Grand Slam of Golf. Scott Cat.# 1933
Price: $1.15
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Francis Quimet - Golf United States, 1988
Item ID: GF2


This mint stamp, issued by the U.S. on June 13, 1988, commemorates the 75th anniversary of Francis Quimet's victory at the U.S. Open Golf Championship; Quimet was the first amateur to win the event. Scott Cat.# 2377
Price: $1.05
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Babe Zaharias - Golf United States, 1981
Item ID: GF3


The U.S. Postal Service issued this mint stamp on September 22, 1981 to honor Babe Zaharias (Mildred Didrikson Zaharias), one of the greatest athletes of the first half of the 20th century. She won virtually every women's golf title, both as an amateur and as a professional. Scott Cat.# 1932
Price: $0.80
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Golf in Gambia: President Jawara Gambia, 1992
Item ID: GF5


Issued by Gambia in 1992, this mint stamp sheet features the then Gambian president Sir Dawda Jawara (re-elected five times). President Jawara was an avid golfer, as was his wife, and did much to promote golf and tourism in general in West Africa. His son, Ebrima Jawara, is the president of the Gambia Golf Association.
Price: $7.75
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2018 Ryder Cup - Mint Sheet of 4
Item ID: GF51


Issuing Country: France
Date of Issue: September 15, 2018
Scott Catalogue Number(s): Not available at time of listing
Description: Issue to promote the 2018 Ryder Cup, this mint sheet of four stamps (plus four labels) features the Cup and logo. This was the 42nd Ryder Cup Match and was held in France from September 28-30, 2018, on the Albatros Course of Le Golf National in Guyancourt (a suburb southwest of Paris). The Europe regained the Cup, defeating the U.S. 17.5 to 10.5 points.
Price: $23.50
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Jack Nicklaus & Tiger Woods - Mint Sheet of 2
Item ID: GF52


Issuing Country: Ivory Coast
Date of Issue: 2018
Scott Catalogue Number(s): Unavail. at time of listing
Description: This mint mini-sheet of two stamps pays tribute to golf legends Jack Nicklaus and Tiger Woods.
Price: $8.50
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Jack Nicklaus & Tiger Woods - Set of 2 Souvenir Sheets
Item ID: GF53


Issuing Country: Ivory Coast
Date of Issue: 2018
Scott Catalogue Number(s): Unavail. at time of listing
Description: This mint set of two high denomination souvenir sheets pays tribute to golf legends Jack Nicklaus and Tiger Woods. Only one sheet is shown in our thumbnail image; please click on this image to view both sheets.
Price: $10.25
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Alderney Golf Club Mint Sheet of 6 Stamps Alderney, 2001
Item ID: GF6


Alderney, the Northernmost of the Channel Islands and a British Commonwealth territory, issued this mint sheet of 6 stamps on August 1, 2001, to commemorate the Alderney Golf Club. The stamps feature a Golf ball with a core of feathers (1901), golfing fashions (1920s), a player and ball on an Alderney Golf Club green (1970s), a modern putter, golf accessories, and a modern lofted wood.
Price: $12.95
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Golf- Three Self-Adhesive Stamps Australia, 2011
Item ID: GF7


Issued by Australia on September 27, 2011, this mint vertical strip of three self-adhesive stamps features the Presidents Cup, golf shoes, and a golf glove & club. The stamps are on their original backing paper ("release paper"). The Presidents Cup is a biennial series of matches between a U.S. team and an international team representing the rest of the world outside Europe. In 2011, the Presidents Cup was hosted by the Royal Melbourne Golf Club (Australia).
Price: $3.95
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Mini-Sheet of 5 Golf Stamps Australia, 2011
Item ID: GF8


The five stamps in this attractive sheet feature golf equipment and The Presidents Cup trophy; the sheet selvage provides a view of the Royal Melbourne Golf Club. The Royal Melbourne has been in continuous operation since 1891. The five stamps include two high denomination stamps intended for international mail postal rates. This sheet was issued by Australia on September 27, 2011.
Price: $12.50
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Children & Sports - Mint Sheet of 9
Item ID: SO112


Issuing Country: Mongolia
Date of Issue: September 1, 2001
Scott Catalogue Number(s): 2496
2019 Scott Catalogue Value: $12.00
Description: Issued to promote the involvement of children in sports, this mint sheet of nine stamps features horse-back riding, ice hockey, soccer, and golf.
Price: $5.75
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Recreational Sports Mint Strip of 5 United States, 1995
Item ID: SO9


This strip of five mint stamps depicts popular American recreational sports. Issued by the United States on May 20, 1995. Designed by Don Weller, the stamps feature the following sports: bowling, tennis, golf, volleyball, and softball. Scott Cat.# 2961-2965
Price: $3.85
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