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The United States Military and Wars

Commemorated on Authentic Postage Stamps.

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Battle of Brooklyn Issue United States, 1951.
Item ID: MY18


This mint stamp, issued on December 10, 1951, commemorated the 175th anniversary of the Revolutionary War "Battle of Long Island," August 27, 1776. British and Hessian troops attacked the American fortifications at what is now Prospect Park in Brooklyn. The troops overpowered the Americans and captured their commander, Gen. John Sullivan. Gen. Washington, with additional troops, arrived late in the day and skillfully withdrew the remaining American forces in a night retreat. Scott Cat.# 1003
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Betsy Ross Issue United States, 1952.
Item ID: MY19


This mint stamp was issued on January 2, 1952, to celebrate the 200th anniversary of the birth of Betsy Ross. During the American Revolution, Ross was a Philadelphia upholsterer whom the Continental Congress engaged in 1777 to make the first American Flag. Scott Cat.# 1004
Price: $0.40
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National Guard Issue United States, 1953.
Item ID: MY21


This mint stamp was issued on Feb. 23, 1953, to honor the National Guard, the oldest military organization in the United States (in fact, it is older than the U.S. itself). Scott Cat.# 1017
Price: $0.40
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The Armed Forces Reserve United States, 1955
Item ID: MY23


This mint stamp was issued on May 21, 1955, to honor the Reserves of all of the U.S. armed forces. The stamp design features Reservists from the Marines, Coast Guard, Army, Navy, and Air Force. Scott Cat.# 1067
Price: $0.40
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Battle of New Orleans United States, 1965.
Item ID: MY27


This mint stamp, issued on Jan. 8, 1965, commemorated both 150 years of peace between England and the United States, and the sesquicentennial of the Battle of New Orleans. The Battle of New Orleans took place on Jan. 8, 1815, and was the final major battle of the War of 1812. Scott Cat.# 1261
Price: $0.40
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Winston Churchill Issue United States, 1965.
Item ID: MY28


This mint 1965 Winston Churchill Memorial stamp was issued to honor the World War II British leader who had died earlier in the year (1874-1965). The issue date was May 13, 1965. Scott Cat.# 1264
Price: $0.40
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Stone Mountain Memorial United States, 1970.
Item ID: MY30


Issued on September 19, 1970, this mint stamp commemorates the Stone Mountain Memorial, the granite carving that has been described as one of the great wonders of the world. The memorial shows the mounted figures of the Confederate Civil War leaders Robert E. Lee, Jefferson Davis, and Stonewall Jackson. Scott Cat.# 1408
Price: $0.40
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U.S. Servicemen & D.A.V. Pair United States, 1970.
Item ID: MY31


This attached pair of mint stamps (termed a "se-tenant" pair; the two stamp designs alternate in the full stamp sheet) was issued by the United States on November 24, 1970. The issue pays tribute to Disabled American Veterans, Prisoners of War, and missing and killed in action servicemen. One stamp features the crest of Disabled American Veterans; the other text honoring U.S. servicemen. Scott Cat.# 1421-1422
Price: $0.70
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Veterans of Foreign Wars United States, 1974
Item ID: MY33


Saluting the men and women in America's military service, this mint Veterans of Foreign Wars 75th anniversary stamp was issued on March 11, 1974. The design features the VFW emblem and the text, "Veterans of Spanish-American and other Foreign Wars." Scott Cat.# 1525
Price: $0.45
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Vietnam Veterans Issue United States, 1979.
Item ID: MY34


Issued on November 11, 1979 (Veteran's Day), this mint Vietnam Veterans stamp honors the veterans of the war in Southeast Asia. The design features the Vietnam service ribbon. Scott Cat.# 1802
Price: $0.52
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Medal of Honor Issue United States, 1983.
Item ID: MY35


This mint Medal of Honor stamp was issued on June 7, 1983. The stamp commemorates the United State's highest military award and honors those who have been awarded the medal. The medal is awarded for "courage above and beyond the call of duty." Scott Cat.# 2045
Price: $0.60
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Vietnam Veterans Memorial Issue United States, 1984.
Item ID: MY36


This mint Vietnam Veterans Memorial stamp was issued on November 10, 1984, and commemorates the second anniversary of the dedication of the Memorial. The Memorial is located in Washington, D.C. and is inscribed with the names of 57,939 Americans who died (or are still missing) in the war. Scott Cat.# 2109
Price: $0.65
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