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A Celebration of Christmas
as Depicted on Postage Stamps from Around the World.

Home » Christmas Stamps » Foreign Christmas Stamps

The following discount applies to all items.
10% Discount on all orders over $40

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Palau; Christmas, 1988Mint Strip of 5 Stamps
Item ID: CH123


Issued for Christmas by Palau on Nov. 7, 1988, this mint strip of five stamps illustrates, in a continuous design, the song, "Hark! The Herald Angels Sing."
Price: $2.45
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Mint Set of 3 Christmas StampsNevis, 1980
Item ID: CH125


The art on this complete set of three mint Christmas stamps depicts the Mother and Child, a Heralding Angel, and the Three Kings. Issued by Nevis on Nov. 20, 1980, this mint set has a $1.55 retail value (Scott 2007 Standard Postage Stamp Catalogue, Vol. 4).
Price: $1.35
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Guernsey; Christmas, 1985Religious and Folk Figures, Sheet of 12
Item ID: CH129


Issued for Christmas by Guernsey on Nov. 19, 1985, this small mint sheet of 12 stamps features the following religious and folk figures: Santa Claus, Lussibruden, Balthasar, St. Nicholas, La Befana, Julenisse, Christkind, King Wenceslas, Shephard of Les Baux, Caspar, Baboushka, and Melchior. This sheet has a retail value of $5.00 (Scott 2015 Standard Postage Stamp Catalogue, Vol. 3).
Price: $4.35
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New Zealand 1967 Christmas Issue
Item ID: CH13


This mint stamp was issued by New Zealand on October 3, 1967, and depicts the painting "Adoration of the Shepherds" by Poussin. Scott Cat.# 405
Price: $0.35
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Pitcairn Islands; Christmas, 1979Mint Sheet of 4 Stamps
Item ID: CH133


This mint sheet of four Christmas stamps from Pitcairn Islands (South Pacific ocean; postal service administered by New Zealand) incorporates children's drawings to illustrate gift giving on Pitcairn. The text at the bottom of the sheet describes the "unique and charming tradition" of the giving of Christmas presents on Pitcairn.
Price: $1.50
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Palau - Christmas 1990 Mint Strip of 5 Stamps
Item ID: CH137


Issued by Palau on November 28, 1990, this mint strip of five Christmas stamps features "Here We Come A-Caroling," "Girl with music, poinsettias, doves," "Boys playing guitar, flute," "Family," and "Three girls singing." Palau, a group of 100 islands in the West Pacific Ocean, is a former U.S. Trust Territory.
Price: $2.80
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Christmas, Sheet of 16 StampsMarshall Islands, 1884
Item ID: CH138


The Marshall Islands, a United States Trust Territory (1947 - 1986), issued this complete sheet of 16 mint stamps on Nov. 7, 1984. Issued for Christmas mail use, the sheet background shows text from the Marshallese New Testament (Matthew 2:9), giving each of the 16 stamps a different background. A very nice Christmas thematic item.
Price: $8.75
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Mint Set of 2 Christmas Stamps Iceland, 1984
Item ID: CH139


This complete set of two mint Christmas stamps was issued by Iceland on November 29, 1984. One stamp features "Madonna and Child," the other "an angel with a Christmas rose." An attractive set.
Price: $1.30
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New Zealand International Human Rights Year Issues
Item ID: CH14


These two mint stamps, issued by New Zealand on September 19, 1968 for the holiday season, are not actually Christmas stamps but commemorate the 75th anniversary of universal suffrage in New Zealand. The stamps were issued in conjunction with International Human Rights Year. The 3c stamp depicts "Universal Suffrage," and the 10c stamp features the "Human Rights Flame."
Price: $0.60
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Churches on Christmas Stamps Guernsey, 1970
Item ID: CH141


This complete mint set of four Christmas stamps was issued by Guernsey on November 11, 1970. The following churches, each printed in reflective gold-colored ink, are featured: St. Anne (Alderney), St. Tugual Chapel (Herm Island), St. Peter (Sark), and St. Peter Town Church (Guernsey).
Price: $3.15
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Mint Set of 3 Christmas Stamps Belgian Congo, 1959
Item ID: CH142


Issued by the Belgian Congo on December 1, 1959, this mint set of three stamps features "Madonna and Child" artwork in three different colors and denominations (for different postal rates).
Price: $0.70
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Set of 4 Mint Christmas Stamps Micronesia, 1984
Item ID: CH149


Issued for Christmas by Micronesia, a former U.S. Trust Territory of the Pacific, on December 20, 1984. The one regular issue stamp and three airmail stamps feature Jesus in a manger, a Christmas picture book, a palm tree decorated with Christmas lights, and two women preparing a feast. The retail value of this mint set of four stamps is $3.55 (Scott 2007 Standard Postage Stamp Catalogue, Vol. 4).
Price: $3.05
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