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The Game of Chess

Commemorated on Authentic Postage Stamps

Home » Chess Stamps

The following discount applies to all items.
10% Discount on all orders over $40

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World Chess Championships Tanzania, 1986
Item ID: CS10


Tanzania issued this mint two-stamp sheet on March 17, 1986 to commemorate the World Chess Championships and Rotary International. The 2011 Scott Catalogue value for this sheet is $1.75.
Price: $1.35
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43rd Chess Olympiad Issue
Item ID: CS102


Issuing Country: Kyrgyzstan (Kyrgyz Express Post)
Date of Issue: August 20, 2018
Scott Catalogue Number(s): Unavailable at time of listing
Description: This mint stamp, featuring a "globe" chess board and oieces, was issued to commemorate the 43rd Chess Olympiad (Batumi 2018). The emblem of the Kyrgyz Chess Federation is at upper-left.
Price: $3.10
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Chess Players & Pieces - Sheet of 6
Item ID: CS103


Issuing Country: Mozambique
Date of Issue: September 30, 2002
Scott Catalogue Number(s): 1598
2019 Scott Catalogue Value: $9.50
Description: This mint sheet of six stamps features the following chess players: Tigran Petrosian, Robert Fischer, Boris Spassky, Raul Capablanca, Max Euwe and Emanuel Lasker. Each stamp also includes either a Lions Club or Rotary Club emblem.
Price: $3.35
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15th Chess OlympicsIsrael, 1964
Item ID: CS11


Israel issued this set of two mint stamps on Nov. 2, 1964 to commemorate the 16th Chess Olympics, held in Tel Aviv (November, 1964). Both stamps feature a chess board and the emblem of the Chess Olympics; one stamp additionally depicts a knight, the other a rook. These stamps include the attached tabs (stamps of Israel with attached tabs have additional value to collectors).
Price: $1.65
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Chess ChampionsCambodia, 1994
Item ID: CS16


Issued by Cambodia on Sept. 20, 1994, this complete mint set of 6 stamps (including a high denomination souvenir sheet) features the following 18th & 19th century chess champions: Francois-Andre Philador (1795), Louis de la Bourdonnais (1821), Adolph Anderssen (1851), Paul Morphy (1858), Wilhelm Steinitz (1866), and Emanuel Lasker (1894). $7.50 retail value.
Price: $5.40
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"Modern" Chess ChampionsCambodia, 1996
Item ID: CS17


This complete set of seven mint stamps (one in a souvenir sheet format) was issued by Cambodia on Sept. 10, 1996, and pays tribute to the following "modern era" chess champions: Jose Raul Capablanca, Alexander Alekhine, Vassily Smyslov, Mikhail Tal, Bobby Fischer, and Garry Kasparov. This set has a retail value of $7.25.
Price: $5.30
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Chess Pieces Viet Nam, 1983 Discounted @nd Quality
Item ID: CS19


Please note: this sheet has been discounted due to a few perforation irregularities. Viet Nam issued this mint sheet of seven stamps plus two labels on May 9, 1983. The stamps feature the following chess pieces: Vietnamese pawns, Indian elephant, Scottish knight and bishop, a different Indian elephant piece, a knight, a sailing ship, a jester and elephant, and modern pawns. The retail value of this sheet is $6.50 (Scott 2015 Standard Postage Stamp Catalogue). Scott Cat.# 1290-1296
Price: $3.75
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Chess Pieces Mint Set of 7 Stamps Guinea, 1997
Item ID: CS20


Issued by Guinea on October 20, 1997, this complete mint set of seven stamps (the highest denomination stamp is in an attractive mini-sheet format) features chess pieces from around the world (14th century Thailand, 1930 China, 1920 Portugal, Germany, Russia, pieces by Max Ernst, and 18th century France). The retail value of this set is $10.40 (Scott 2015 Standard Postage Stamp Catalogue, Vol. 3). Scott Cat.# 1409A-1409G.
Price: $6.95
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Chess Championships Russia, 1977
Item ID: CS21


This mint stamp, issued by Russia on February 25, 1977, commemorates the 4th European Chess Championships. A Queen and Knights are the depicted chess pieces.
Price: $0.35
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Chess Grandmaster Paul Keres Russia, 1991
Item ID: CS22


Russia paid tribute to Paul Keres (1916-1975), Chess Grandmaster, with the release of this mint stamp on January 7, 1991. The stamp features a portrait of Keres and a replica of his signature.
Price: $0.50
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Chess Sets Cancelled Set of 6 Stamps Fujeira, 1973
Item ID: CS23


This cancelled set of six airmail stamps from Fujeira features chess sets of a variety of styles. Note that this stamp set is not listed in the Scott Postage Stamp Catalogue, indicating that the Scott editors did not believe the stamps were actually valid for postage. Although the set is listed in the Michel catalogue, these stamps should be regarded as "poster stamps," or "cinderella" stamps. Please click on the image or “Details” for an enlarged image and additional information.
Price: $0.65
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Chess Champions Mint Set of 8 Stamps Guinea-Bissau, 1988
Item ID: CS25


Featuring Chess Champions with a board and chessmen, this scarce complete mint set of eight stamps was issued by Guinea-Bissau in 1988. The highest denomination stamp is in a mini-sheet format. The following champions are featured: Philidor, Staunton, Anderssen, Morphy, Steinitz, Lasker, Capablanca, and Ruy Lopez. $27.60 retail value (Scott 2010 Standard Postage Stamp Catalogue, Vol. 3).
Price: $16.95
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