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Batman - Mint Sheet of 20 United States, 2014
Item ID: CY267


Issued by the U.S. Postal Service on October 9, 2014, this mint sheet of 20 self-adhesive stamps pays tribute to the super hero Batman. From the USPS: "For 75 years, Batman has protected Gotham City from the forces of evil. Since his debut, he has become one of the most iconic super heroes in history. These stamps chronicle the evolution of the character, from his origins to present day." The sheet includes four copies each of five different stamp designs (the four Bat-Signal designs are also postage stamps). Scott Cat.# 4928-35.
Price: $20.50
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Superman - Mint Set of 6 Jersey, 2013
Item ID: CY273a


On June 7, 2013, Jersey issued this interesting set of six mint stamps to commemorate the then new Superman movie. The issue is interesting in that several innovative techniques were employed in its production. Please click on the thumbnail image to learn more about these techniques. Scott Cat.# 1682-6.
Price: $12.95
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Superman - Mint Mini-Sheet Jersey, 2013
Item ID: CY273b


This mint, high-denomination mini-sheet was issued by Jersey Post on June 7, 2013, to commemorate the then new Superman movie. The sheet was issued together with a six-stamp set, which, when available, we offer as item# CY273a. This thick sheet was produced via a lenticular printing technology; please click on the thumbnail image to view a larger image and an explanation of this technology. Scott Cat.# 1687.
Price: $9.85
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Wonder Woman - Sheet of 20 United States, 2016
Item ID: CY310b


Issuing Country: United States
Date of Issue: October 7, 2016
Scott Catalogue Number(s): 5149-5152
2015 Scott Catalogue Value:
Description: This mint sheet of 20 self-adhesive stamps (five copies each of four designs) celebrates the 75th anniversary of Wonder Woman, the famous female super hero from DC Comics. The artwork is in comic book form and features Wonder Woman from four different eras.
Price: $18.50
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"The Weekly Tintin" Mint Sheet of 5 Belgium, 2016
Item ID: CY321


Issuing Country: Belgium
Date of Issue: September 15, 2016
Scott Catalogue Number(s): Unavailable at time of listing
Description: This mint sheet of five stamps celebrates the fictional hero Tintin of "The Adventures of Tintin," a famous comics series by Belgian cartoonist Herg. TinTin is a reporter and adventurer who travels around the world with his dog Snowy. The comic introduced in Le Petit Vingtieme in 1929, a weekly youth supplement to the Belgian newspaper Le Vingtieme Siecle.
Price: $16.35
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Gaston Lagaffe - Sheet of 5 Belgium, 2017
Item ID: CY322


Issuing Country: Belgium
Date of Issue: January 30, 2017
Scott Catalogue Number(s): Unavailable at time of listing
Description: This mint sheet of five stamps pays tribute to the daily comic strip character Gaston Lagaffe. This character was created in 1957 by the Belgian cartoonist Andre Franquin; the comic strip appeared in the Franco-Belgian comics magazine Spirou. The series focused on the everyday life of Gaston Lagaffe (whose surname means "the blunder"), a lazy and accident-prone employee at the offices of the Journal de Spirou (the real-life publication in which the strip appeared).
Price: $15.65
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Popeye - Sheet of 9 + Two Mini-Sheets
Item ID: CY383


Issuing Country: Comoro Islands
Date of Issue: 1998
Scott Catalogue Number(s): 832L-832W
Scott Catalogue Value (2015): $38.00
Description: This complete mint set includes a sheet of nine stamps and two high denomination single-stamp mini-sheets. Popeye, Wimpy, Olive Oyl, Swee' Pea and Brutus are all featured. Only the sheet of nine is shown in the thumbnail image. Please click on this image to view enlarged images of all three sheets. This set is currently one of our specials - for a limited time, offered at 30% off our already low $26.50 list price.
Price: $18.50
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Scooby-Doo - Sheet of 12 United States, 2018
Item ID: CY404b


Issuing Country: United States
Date of Issue: July 14, 2018
Scott Catalogue Number(s): 5299
Description: This sheet of 12 self-adhesive stamps celebrates Scooby-Doo! with the iconic cartoon Great Dane. The stamp design features Scooby watering a blossoming plant, an act of kindness that represents the new Scooby-Doo! "Doo Good" campaign.
Price: $11.25
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Smurfs - 60th Anniversary Belgium, 2018
Item ID: CY411


Issuing Country: Belgium
Date of Issue: January 29, 2018
Scott Catalogue Number(s): Unavailable at time of listing
Description: Issued to commemorate the 60th anniversary of the Smurfs, this mint sheet of ten stamps (two identical strips of five) features different Smurf characters. The Smurfs are licensed through a Belgian firm.
Price: $19.50
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The Kampung Boy Mint Strip of 4 Stamps Malaysia, 2008
Item ID: CY98


This strip of four mint stamps, issued by Malaysia on December 1, 2008, features the popular Malaysian cartoon, "The Kampung Boy," by Lat. Please click on the image or “Details” for an enlarged image and additional information.
Price: $1.95
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Bill Mauldin - Editorial Cartoonist Mint Self-Adhesive Stamp United States, 2010
Item ID: MY89


The United States Postal Service honored Pulitzer Prize-winning editorial cartoonist William Henry "Bill" Mauldin with the issuance of this mint self-adhesive stamp on March 31, 2010. During WWII, Mauldin was with the 180th Infantry Regiment; he participated in the invasion of Sicily, the Salerno campaign and the amphibious assault at Anzio. During his time as an infantryman, he received permission to produce cartoons for the division's newspaper. His creation of the characters Willie and Joe (infantrymen) led to notoriety and fame. Scott Cat.# 4445
Price: $1.10
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Comic Strip Classics Mint Sheet of 20 United States, 1995
Item ID: AM48


Issued by the United States Postal Service on October 1, 1995, this sheet of 20 different mint stamps commemorates influential U.S. comic strips. The sheet was issued on the 100th anniversary of "The Yellow Kid," which appeared in the "New York World" in May 1895 and is recognized as one of the first modern comic strip characters. Scott Cat.# 3000.
Price: $17.95
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