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Betty Boop  Mint Sheet of 6 Gambia, 2007
Item ID: AM84


Featuring Betty Boop in various poses and with different props, this attractively designed mint sheet of six stamps was issued by Gambia on February 15, 2007. The selvage of the sheet includes the appropriate Betty Boop trademark and copyright notifications. Scott Cat.# 3058
Price: $6.85
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Betty BoopGuyana, 2006
Item ID: AM85


Betty Boop, in various poses with props, is featured on this mint sheet of six high face value ($100 Guyana dollars) postage stamps. Issued by Guyana during December, 2006, the sheet selvage shows Betty Boop blowing a kiss and includes the appropriate Betty Boop copyright and trademark notices.
Price: $7.50
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Marvel Comics Super HeroesUnited States, 2007
Item ID: AM95


With this sheet of 20 different mint self-adhesive stamps, The United States Postal Service commemorated stars from Marvel Comics. The featured super heroes are Spider-Man, The Hulk, The Thing, Captain America, Silver Surfer, Spider-Woman, Iron Man, Elektra, Wolverine, and Sub-Mariner; these characters are featured individually as well as by comic book covers. Scott Cat.# 4159
Price: $18.95
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Betty Boop (Sailor) Mint Mini-Sheet Guyana, 2001
Item ID: CY145


Issued by Guyana in 2001, this mint mini-sheet features Betty Boop as a sailor. The sheet includes a single high-denomination stamp ($400 Guyana). The appropriate Kings Heatures Syndicate copyright and Hearst Holdings, Inc. trademark notifications are printed at the bottom of the sheet selvage.
Price: $8.95
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Garfield Comics Mint Sheet of 9 Stamps Discounted- minor bends
Item ID: CY146


Please note that this item is a discounted second quality sheet; it has minor bends but is still presentable.

Guinea commemorated the classic comic strip character Garfield (and his friends) with the issuance of this mint sheet of nine stamps in 1999.
Price: $3.50
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Peanuts / Snoopy Mint Sheet of 10 Stamps Japan, 2010
Item ID: CY161


This mint sheet of ten self-adhesive stamps features Peanuts characters (Snoopy is highlighted). Snoopy, Charlie Brown, Peppermint Patty, Sally, and Woodstock are included. In addition to eight square stamps, there is one circular and one heart-shaped stamp. Issued by Japan in 2010.
Price: $19.50
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Garfield - Mint Mini-Sheet Guinea, 2000
Item ID: CY171


Featuring Garfield, this mint mini-sheet from Guinea includes one high denomination stamp. This is sheet #1 of a set of two sheets (when available, see CY172 for sheet #2).
Price: $2.75
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Garfield - Mint Mini-Sheet Guinea, 2000
Item ID: CY172


This is sheet #2 of the two mini-sheets featuring Garfield that were issued by Guinea in 2000. The mint sheet includes one high denomination stamp. When available, sheet #1 is offered as item# CY171.
Price: $2.75
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Gerry Anderson's Supermarionation / Thunderbirds Mint Set of 6 Stamps Great Britain, 2011
Item ID: CY191


Great Britain issued this set of 6 mint stamps on January 11, 2011, to pay tribute to Gerry Anderson on the 50th anniversary of his Supermarionation. This complete set is supplied as two strips of three stamps. The stamps feature iconic images from the Thunderbirds, Supermarionations greatest series. Three stamps have first class mail denominations and three have a higher denomination for international mail use. Scott Cat.# 2859a & 2862a.
Price: $14.25
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Superman Comics issue Canada, 2010
Item ID: CY247


Issued by Canada Post on September 10, 2013, this mint self-adhesive coil stamp (issued as roll of stamps) commemorates the 75th anniversary of Superman Comics. The stamp is supplied on its original backing paper ("release liner paper"). Scott Cat.# 2678.
Price: $1.60
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Superman Comics Mint Sheet of 5 Canada, 2013
Item ID: CY252


Commemorating the Man of Steel, this mint sheet of five Superman stamps was issued by Canada Post on September 10, 2013. Superman Comics grew from the teenage imaginations of Toronto-born artist Joe Shuster and Cleveland's Jerry Siegel. The sheet has an irregular die-cut border reminiscent of the "Pow-"type bubbles common to this action comics series. Scott Cat.# 2677.
Price: $8.75
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Superman - Set of 5 Booklets Canada, 2013
Item ID: CY253


Superman was introduced as Action Comics #1 in 1938. The famous superhero grew from the imaginations of Toronto-born artist Joe Shuster and Cleveland's Jerry Siegel. Canada post issued five different folded booklet panes, each with the same self-adhesive Permanent ("Forever") stamp designs but with different cover art, on September 10, 2013. Each of the five booklets includes ten stamps with five different Superman stamp designs (i.e., two of each). The booklet cover art is from five different classic Superman comics (50 stamps total). This is sure to become a tough complete set to acquire. After our automatically applied 10% discount, the price is $82.80. Please click on the image or Details for additional images.
Price: $92.00
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