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Planes, Jets, Helicopters and Aviation History Featured on Authentic Postage Stamps


Home » Transportation on Stamps » Aviation on Stamps

The following discount applies to all items.
10% Discount on all orders over $40

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First in Flight - "Breaking Barriers" Mint Sheet of 15 Marshall Islands, 2011
Item ID: AV57b


In 2011, the Marshall Islands released a series of issues commemorating the history of aviation. This mint sheet of 15 stamps is a member of this series and is titled, "Breaking Barriers." The sheet includes three copies each of five different stamp designs. The stamps commemorate various first flights, including first non-stop North American coast-tocoast flight, first non-stop transatlantic flight, and first around-the-World flight. Please click on the image or "Details" for additional information.
Price: $13.50
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Alouette II Helicopter Mint Set of 2
Item ID: AV58


Issuing Country: French Southern & Antarctic Territory (FSAT)
Date of Issue: 1981-2
Scott Catalogue Number(s): 95-96
2015 Scott Catalogue Value: $1.35
Description:This complete mint set of two stamps features the Alouette II helicopter.
Price: $1.20
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12 Mint Airmail Stamps
Item ID: AV6


This is a selection of 12 different mint airmail stamps from 12 different countries. The stamps, which are all of low value, feature a variety of topics (one with John F. Kennedy). The perforations are a bit rough on a couple of the stamps.
Price: $0.90
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Antarctic Explorers Issue Mint Block of 4 Stamps United States, 1988
Item ID: AV61


Issued by the United States on September 14, 1988, this mint block of four stamps pays tribute to the following four men who first explored the ice-capped continent of Antarctica: Nathaniel Palmer, Lt. Charles Wilkes, Richard E. Byrd and Lincoln Ellsworth. The stamp designs include portraits of the men, ships (on two of the stamps) and planes (on two of the stamps). Scott Cat.# 2386-2389 (2389a)
Price: $3.50
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Transpacific Airmail Issue United States, 1985
Item ID: AV62


The United States Postal Service commemorated the 50th anniverary of airmail service between the U.S. and the Far East with the issuance of this mint airmail stamp on February 15, 1985. The stamp design features a close-up of a Martin M-150 China Clipper. Scott Cat.# C115
Price: $1.20
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Ellehammer's Plane Issue Denmark, 1956
Item ID: AV63


Issuing Country: Denmark
Date of Issue: September 12, 1956
Scott Catalogue Number(s): 360
2015 Scott Catalogue Value: $0.50
Description: This mint stamp was issued to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the 1st flight by Jacob Christian Ellehammer in a heavier-than-air craft.
Price: $0.50
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Condor Plane Denmark, 1943
Item ID: AV64


Issuing Country: Denmark
Date of Issue: October 29, 1943
Scott Catalogue Number(s): 289
2015 Scott Catalogue Value: $0.35
Description: This mint stamp, featuring a Condor Plane, was issued to commemorate the 25th anniversary of the Danish Aviation Company (Det Danske Luftfartsselskab).
Price: $0.35
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Hot Air Balloons Mint Block of 4 Stamps United States, 1983
Item ID: AV65


This mint block of four stamps was issued to honor the sport of ballooning. Hot-air balloons, invented in 1783 by Joseph and Jacques Montgolfier (brothers), have been used for transportation, surveillance and scientific research. Today, hot-air ballooning is enjoyed by thousands of recreational enthusiasts. Issued by the United States on March 31, 1983. Scott Cat.# 2032-2035 (2035a)
Price: $2.35
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Theodore von Karman Issue United States, 1992
Item ID: AV66


This mint stamp pays tribute to Theodore von Karman, an aerospace scientist credited with establishing the center for rocket research that is now the Jet Propulsion Laboratory at the California Institute of Technology (Cal-Tech). Issued by the United States on August 31, 1992. Scott Cat.# 2699
Price: $0.85
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William T. Piper Re-Issue United States, 1993
Item ID: AV67


This mint stamp, with a nearly identical design to that of item# AV17 (Scott# C129; issued in 1991), is a more scarce 1993 re-issue. This re-issue differs from the 1991 stamp in that Piper's hair touches the top edge of the stamp design (there is blue sky above his head in the 1991 design); in addition, the perforation holes are further apart on this re-issue (perforation gauge 11.2 vs. 11.0). This 1993 issue is significantly more scarce than the 1991 issue. Scott Cat.# C132
Price: $3.65
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World War II Aircraft Mint set of 4
Item ID: AV68


Issuing Country: Fiji
Date of Issue: December 7, 1981
Scott Catalogue Number(s): 454-457
2015 Scott Catalogue Value: $12.00
Description: On the 40th anniversary of the Pearl Harbor attack, Fiji issued this complete mint set of four stamps featuring the following World War II aircraft: Bell P-39 Aircobra, Consolidated PBY-5 Catalina (flying boat), Curtiss P-40 Warhawk, and Short Singapore (flying boat).
Price: $8.75
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Mexican Aviation Mint Set of 3
Item ID: AV70


Issuing Country: Mexico
Date of Issue: 1934-5
Scott Catalogue Number(s): C62-C64
2015 Scott Catalogue Value: $7.00
Description: This complete mint set of three airmail stamps features Mexico's coat of arms and an airplane. Please note that this set is discounted due to poor centering; the designs on one or two stamps will be well off-centered.
Price: $2.95
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