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Art and Artists Featured on Authentic Postage Stamps


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Princes of Monaco Series Mint Set of 2 Monaco, 1973
Item ID: AR194


Issuing Country: Monaco
Date of Issue: November 12, 1973
Scott Catalogue Number(s): 892-893
2018 Scott Catalogue Value: $3.50
Description: This complete mint set of two large stamps features the following paintings of Charlotte Grimaldi by Pierre Gobert (1733): Charlotte Grimaldi in Court Dress, and Charlotte Grimaldi in Nun's Habit.
Price: $2.40
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Painting (Fishing Boat) Iceland, 1981
Item ID: AR195


Issuing Country: Iceland
Date of Issue: October 21, 1981
Scott Catalogue Number(s): 548
2018 Scott Catalogue Value: $5.75
Description: This mint stamp features the painting, "Hauling the Line," by Gunnlaugur Scheving (1904-1972).
Price: $2.85
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French Art - Mint Set of 5 StampsFrance, 1965
Item ID: AR21


Issued by France during 1965, this complete set of five mint stamps features the following: "The English Girl from the Star" by Toulouse-Lautrec, St. Paul on the Damascus Road (Window, Cathedral of Sens), Leaving for the Hunt, Apocalypse Tapestry (14th Century), and "The Red Violin" by Raoul Dufy. Please click on the image or "Details" for additional information.
Price: $1.80
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Art Issue - France, 1964
Item ID: AR22


Issued by France on April 25, 1964, this large mint stamp features a portrait painting of John II the Good (Jean le Bon 1359) by Girard d'Orleans. $1.40 retail value (Scott 2007 Standard Postage Stamp Catalogue, Vol. 2).
Price: $1.25
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French Art - Mint Set of 4 StampsFrance, 1967
Item ID: AR25


Issued by France during 1967, this beautiful complete set of four mint stamps features the following examples of French art: "Father Juniet's Gig" by Henri Rousseau, "Francois I" by Jean Clouet, "The Bather" by Jean-Dominique Ingres, and "St. Eloi, The Goldsmith, at Work" (from a 16th century stained glass window in the Church of Sainte Madeleine, Troyes).
Price: $1.60
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Classic Art - Mint Set of 3 Stamps France, 1971
Item ID: AR29


This complete mint set of stamps from France features three reknown works of art: St. Matthew - statue from Strasbourg Cathedral, Winnower by Francois Millet, and The Dreamer by Georges Rouault. Issued in 1971, this set has a retail value of $2.55 (Scott 2007 Standard Postage Stamp Catalogue, Vol. 2).
Price: $2.25
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Icelandic Art Mint Set of 2 Stamps Iceland, 1960
Item ID: AR30


Issued by Iceland on April 7, 1960, to bring attention to World Refugee Year (7/1/59 - 6/30/60), this complete set of two mint stamps features "The Outlaw," a work of the Icelandic artist Einar Jonsson.
Price: $1.10
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National Museum of Iceland Centenary Mint Set of 2 Stamps Iceland, 1963
Item ID: AR31


Iceland commemorated the 100th anniversary of the National Museum of Iceland with the release of this complete set of two mint stamps on February 20, 1963. The stamps feature a self-portrait of Sigurdur Gudmundsson (the museum's first curator) and a Romanesque door from Valthjofsstad Church (depicting a knight slaying a dragon; ca. 1200 A.D.).
Price: $1.05
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Swedish RococoSweden, 1979
Item ID: AR34


This attractively-designed mint sheet of four stamps, titled "Svensk Rokoko" (Swedish Rococo), was issued by Sweden on Oct. 6, 1979. The stamps feature the following works of art: a potpourri pot, a portrait by Johan Henrik Scheffel, a silver coffee-pot, and a bust by Carl Johan Cronstedt.
Price: $2.35
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PaintingsBooklet of 6 StampsSweden, 1992
Item ID: AR35


Sweden issued this stamp booklet, containing a single booklet pane of six different mint stamps, on Aug. 27, 1992, to commemorate the 200th anniversary of Sweden's National Museum of Fine Arts. The stamps feature the following paintings: "The Triumph of Venus" (Francois Boucher, "Portrait of a girl" (Albrecht Durer), "Rorstrand Vase" (Erik Wahlberg), "Motif from the Seine/The Tree and the River Bend III" (Carl Fredrik Hill), and "Sergel in His Studio" (Carl Larsson). $13.50 retail value (Scott 2008 Standard Postage Stamp Catalogue, Vol. 6).
Price: $11.40
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Paintings by Leon WyczolkowskiPoland, 1987
Item ID: AR37


The following paintings by Leon Wyczolkowski (1852-1936) are featured on this complete set of six mint stamps from Poland (issued on Mar. 20, 1987): "Cineraria Flowers" (1924), "Portrait of a Woman" (1883), "Wood Church" (1910), "Harvesting Beetroot" (1910), "Wading Fishermen" (1891), and "Self-Portrait" (1912). $2.50 retail value (Scott 2007 Standard Postage Stamp Catalogue, Vol. 5).
Price: $2.10
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Paintings - Mint Set of 2 Stamps Yugoslavia, 1975
Item ID: AR38


Featuring paintings by Yugoslav artists, this complete mint set of two stamps was issued by Yugoslavia on April 28, 1975 (Europa Issue). The paintings depicted are "Still Life with Eggs," by Mosa Pijade, and "Three Graces," by Ivan Radovic. The text within the stamp designs was printed with reflective gold ink.
Price: $0.75
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