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Art and Artists Featured on Authentic Postage Stamps


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Norman Rockwell - Set of 8 Rwanda, 1981
Item ID: AM13


This set of eight mint stamps, issued by Rwanda on May 11, 1981, features Saturday Evening Post cover art by Norman Rockwell. Scott Cat.# 1027-1034. This item is currently one of our special offers; our list price of $3.95 has been reduced by over 35% to $2.50.
Price: $2.50
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Amish QuiltsUnited States, 2001Mint Sheet of 20 Stamps
Item ID: AR1


The United States Postal Service commemorated Amish quilts with the issuance of this sheet on Aug. 9, 2001. The mint sheet of 20 stamps features the following four different quilts: "Diamond in the Square" (c. 1920), "Lone Star" (1920), "Sunshine and Shadow" (c. 1910), and "Double Ninepatch Variation." The stamps were designed by Derry Noyes.
Price: $18.50
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Paintings - Mint Set of 5 Yugoslavia, 1967
Item ID: AR101


Issuing Country: Yugoslavia
Date of Issue: November 28, 1967
Scott Catalogue Number(s): 895-899
2015 Scott Catalogue Value: $12.00
Description: Issued for Yugoslavia's "Day of the republic," this complete mint set of five beautiful, large stamps features the following paintings: The Watchtower, by Dura Kaksic; The Young Sultana, by Vlaho Bucovac; Visit to the Family, by Josip Petkovsek; The Cock Fight, by Paja Jovanovic; and Spring, by Ivana Kobilca.
Price: $8.35
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Peter Paul Rubens Mint Mini-Sheet
Item ID: AR103


Issuing Country: Russia
Date of Issue: June 24, 1977
Scott Catalogue Number(s): 4577
2015 Scott Catalogue Value: $2.00
Description: Commemorating the 400th anniversary of Rubens' (1577-1640) birth, the high denomination stamp in this mint mini-sheet features a self-portrait of the painter.
Price: $1.65
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Venetian Painter II Giorgione Mint Mini-Sheet
Item ID: AR104


Issuing Country: Russia
Date of Issue: July 15, 1977
Scott Catalogue Number(s): 4578
2015 Scott Catalogue Value: $2.00
Description: This mint mini-sheet commemorates the 500th anniversary of the birth of Venetian painter II Giorgione (1478-1511). The stamp features his painting "Judith."
Price: $1.55
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American Industrial Design Mint Sheet of 12 United States, 2011
Item ID: AR110


Issued by the United States Postal Service on June 29, 2011, this mint sheet of 12 self-adhesive stamps honors pioneers of American industrial design. The 12 stamps pay tribute to the nation's most influential designers; the names of the designers, and the designed items, are inscribed on the stamps. Short biographies of the designers and additional information is provided on the back of the sheet.
Price: $11.75
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Paintings - Mint Set of 4 Luxembourg, 1975
Item ID: AR114


Issuing Country: Luxembourg
Date of Issue: April 28, 1975
Scott Catalogue Number(s): 559-562
2015 Scott Catalogue Value: $4.00
Description: This mint "Cultural Series" mint et, with the two middle denominations being Europa stamps, features the following paintings: "Joseph Kutter" (self-portrait), "Moselle Bridge, Remich" (by Nico Klopp), "Still Life" (by Joseph Kutter) and "The Dam" (by Dominique Lang).
Price: $3.50
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Paintings - Two Mint Pairs
Item ID: AR117


Issuing Country: Russia
Date of Issue: January 25, 1991
Scott Catalogue Number(s): 5961a, 5963a (5960-5963)
Scott Catalogue Value: $1.40
Description: This complete set of two mint pairs (plus central labels) features the following paintings: Sorrento Coast with View of Capri (by S.F. Shchedrin, 1826), Evening in the Ukraine (by A.I. Kuindzhi, 1878), New Rome, St. Angel's Castle (by Shchedrin, 1823), and Birch grove (by Kuindzhi, 1879).
Price: $1.20
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King's Portraits - Mint Set of 5 Poland, 1983 (Sc.# 2583-7)
Item ID: AR118


This mint set of 5 stamps, including one high denomination imperforate mini-sheet, features King's portraits by: an unknown court painter, Francesco Trevisani, Jerzy Eleuter Szymonowicz-Siemiginowski, and Jan Matejko. The mini-sheet commemorates the 300th anniversary of the victory over the Turks in Vienna. An attractive complete set with a 2011 Scott catalogue value of $4.15.
Price: $3.40
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Art Deco Structures Mint Sheet of 5 Stamps Canada, 2011
Item ID: AR119


From Canada Post: "Emerging in France between the two world wars, Art Deco was a creative response to the dull austerity of the First World War that permeated the design of furniture, household goods and textiles. Still, the movement made its most lasting contribution to early 20th century architecture." Canada celebrated Art Deco with the release of this mint five-stamp sheet on June 9, 2011. Please click on the image or "Details" for additional information.
Price: $6.10
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Joe Fafard Art Stamp Canada, 2012
Item ID: AR120


Joe Fafard is well known for creating art inspired by prairie farms and small towns, as well as his relatives, artists, writers and politicians. This mint stamp, issued by Canada on February 23, 2012, features Fafard's popular bovine sculpture, titled "Smoothly She Shifted."
Price: $1.25
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Joe Fafard Art- Mint Mini-Sheet of 3 Canada, 2012
Item ID: AR121


This mint mini-sheet of three stamps, issued by Canada on February 23, 2012, showcases three of Canadian sculptor Joe Fafard's popular works: "Smmothly She Shifted," "Dear Vincent" (depicting a sitting Van Gogh), and "Capillery" (a racing trio of steel and bronze horses). The three stamps have domestic rate ("forever" stamp), U.S. rate ($1.05), and international rate ($1.80) denominations.
Price: $6.95
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