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Wildlife on United States Postage Stamps

Home » Animals on Stamps » Wildlife on U.S. Stamps

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Pan-Am Expo Invert Stamps Mint Sheet of 7 United States, 2001
Item ID: AM221


This mint sheet of seven stamps, issued by the United States Postal Service on March 29, 2001, commemorates the 100th anniversary of the 1901 Pan-American Exposition (Buffalo, New York). A set of five commemorative stamps were issued in 1901 to commemorate the Exposition; a very small quantity of the three of the stamps were issued with their centers (vignettes) inverted (rare and valuable today). This "centenary" sheet reproduces these inverts.
Price: $9.50
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Camellia & Yellow-Shafted Flicker United States, 1969
Item ID: FL85


This mint U.S. stamp was issued on August 2, 1969, to mark the 150th anniversary of the entry of Alabama into the Union. ("Alabama Statehood issue"). The design features camellias and a yellow-shafted flicker. Scott Cat.# 1375.
Price: $0.40
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Everglades National Park Issue United States, 1947
Item ID: NP13


Issued on December 5, 1947, this mint stamp commemorated the December 6, 1947, dedication of Everglades National Park. The park, containing more than a million acres of subtropical land in southern Florida, is rich in watercourses and bird life. The stamp design features a Great White Heron and map of Florida. Scott Cat.# 952.
Price: $0.45
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25th Summer Olympic Games Barcelona, Spain, 1992 Bald Eagle
Item ID: OL54


The United States Postal Service promoted its sponsorship of the 1992 U.S. Olympic team with this attractive mint priority mail stamp. The stamp features a bald eagle and olympic rings against a black background. This high face value stamp met the priority mail rate for second-day delivery of packages weighing up to two pounds. The 1992 Summer Olympic Games were held in Barcelona, Spain.
Price: $8.25
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25th Summer Olympic Games Barcelona, Spain, 1992 Bald Eagle
Item ID: OL56


The United States Postal Service promoted its sponsorship of the 1992 U.S. Olympic team with this high face value "international express mail stamp" issue. The stamp was released on Aug. 31, 1991. The $14.00 face value of this stamp met the rate for express delivery of mail weighing up to eight ounces to any of 109 countries. The attractive design features the Olympic Rings and a Bald Eagle flying over a shoreline. The 1992 Summer Olympic Games were held in Barcelona, Spain.
Price: $32.50
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United States, 1981 Save Wildlife Habitats Issue
Item ID: USW10


Issued on June 26, 1981, this attached block of four mint stamps promoted the preservation of American wetland, grassland, mountain, and woodland habitats of our native birds and mammals. The animals featured on the stamps are the Blue Heron, Badger, Grizzly Bear, and Ruffed Grouse.
Price: $3.35
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United States, 1984 Wetlands Preservation Issue
Item ID: USW12


This mint stamp was issued on July 2, 1984, to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the Migratory Bird Hunting and Conservation Stamp Act. The Stamp Act was enacted in 1934 in response to a proposal by conservationist Jay Norwood ("Ding") Darling that waterfowl hunters should be required to purchase a federal revenue stamp, with the acquired funds going towards the purchase or lease of waterfowl habitats. The stamp design features Mallard Ducks dropping in.
Price: $0.95
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Fish from U.S. Waters United States, 1986 Booklet Pane of 5 Mint Stamps
Item ID: USW13


Muskellunge, Atlantic Cod, Largemouth Bass, Bluefin Tuna, and Catfish are featured on this booklet pane of five mint stamps. Issued by the United States Postal Service on March 21, 1986, this pane is popular among wildlife and fishing collectors, as well as stamp collectors.
Price: $8.50
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Marine Mammals Mint Block of 4 Stamps United States, 1990
Item ID: USW15


Known as the "Creatures of the Sea Issue," this block of four mint stamps was issued by the United States on Oct. 3, 1990. This attractive postage stamp set paid tribute to four marine mammals; the Killer Whale, the Northern Sea Lion, the Sea Otter, and the Common Dolphin.
Price: $4.25
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Cranes; United States, 1994
Item ID: USW16


This attached pair of mint stamps from the United States features two of the world's rarest birds, the North American Whooping Crane, and the Chinese Black-Necked Crane. These attractive stamps were designed by Clarence Lee, based on illustrations by Zhan Gengxi. The first day of issue was Oct. 9, 1994.
Price: $2.20
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Endangered SpeciesUnited States, 1996Sheet of 15 Mint Stamps
Item ID: USW17


The United States Postal Service released this popular 15-stamp sheet on Oct. 2, 1996, to promote awareness of endangered wildlife. The following wildlife are featured: Black-Footed Ferret, Thick-Billed Parrot, Hawaiian Monk Seal, American Crocodile, Ocelot, Schaus Swallowtail Butterfly, Wyoming Toad, Brown Pelican, California Condor, Gila Trout, San Francisco Garter Snake, Woodland caribou, Florida Panther, Piping Plover, and Florida Manatee.
Price: $15.50
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Arctic AnimalsUnited States, 1999Strip of 5 Stamps
Item ID: USW18


Issued by the United States on Mar. 12, 1999, this strip of five mint stamps shows five animals that have adapted to the extreme conditions in the Arctic Circle: Arctic Hare, Arctic Fox, Snowy Owl, Polar Bear, and Gray Wolf. These attractive stamps, each featuring a close-up photograph of the animal, were designed by Derry Noyes.
Price: $5.75
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