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Space Topics Commemorated on Authentic Postage Stamps

Space programs, space exploration, rockets and space vehicles,
the space shuttle, astronomy, satellites, and more.

Home » Space Stamps

The following discount applies to all items.
10% Discount on all orders over $40

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John F. Kennedy / Space Monaco, 1964
Item ID: AM201


Monaco memorialized president John F. Kennedy (1917-1963) with the issuance of this mint stamp on December 3, 1964. The stamp features a portrait of Kennedy and the Mercury Capsule. Scott Cat.# 596
Price: $0.60
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Exploration of MarsSierra Leone, 1990Set of 6 Mint Sheets
Item ID: SP1


This set of six mint stamp sheets, including four sheets with nine stamps each and two souvenir sheets with one high face value stamp each, were issued in 1990 by Sierra Leone to commemorate the coming exploration of Mars. Brief descriptions of the stamp subjects are included on the stamps. Extreme speculation has occurred with this set of sheets, centered around the Face on Mars stamp, which brought the asking price of the set to as high as $10,000 (please click on "Details" or the image for additional information and to view all six stamp sheets). In reality, the retail value as based on asking prices from reputable stamp dealers, is $81 (Scott 2015 Standard Postage Stamp Catalogue).
Price: $39.95
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Central African Republic, 1976. Apollo Soyuz.
Item ID: SP10


Featuring the Soyuz space ship, Apollo space ship, and astronauts and cosmonauts in cabin, this cancelled set of three airmail stamps was issued by Central African Republic on June 14, 1976. This cancelled set has a retail value of $1.75.
Price: $0.95
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Lunik 2 Hitting Moon East Germany, 1959
Item ID: SP106


This mint stamp, issued by East Germany (German Democratic Republic) on September 21, 1959, commemorates the landing of the Soviet rocket Lunik 2 on the moon (September 13, 1959). $0.60 retail value.
Price: $0.48
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Central African Republic, 1981 Space Exploration set of 5
Item ID: SP11


This cancelled set of four stamps, plus a 5th stamp in a souvenir sheet, was issued by Central African Republic on June 10, 1981. The set features the Apollo 15 space craft and vehicle and various space shuttle scenes (Columbia, Enterprise). An attractive set of stamps at a nice price; 2015 Scott Catalogue retail value of $3.90.
Price: $2.75
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Bykovski & Tereshkova Spave Flights Cancelled Set of 4 Bulgaria, 1963
Item ID: SP111


Issued by Bulgaria on August 26, 1963, this complete set of four cancelled airmail stamps commemorates the space flights of Lt. Col. Valeri F. Bykovski (June 14-19, 1963) and Valentina Tereshkova (June 16-19, 1963). Tereshkova was the first woman cosmonaut. The 2011 Scott Catalogue value for this set is $1.35.
Price: $0.95
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Project Mercury Issue United States, 1962
Item ID: SP12


On February 20, 1962, Col. John Glenn became the first U.S. astronaut in orbit, circling the earth three times (at 17,500 miles per hour) in the Mercury space capsule, "Friendship 7." This mint stamp was placed on sale in 305 selected post offices throughout the United States on February 20, 1962, at the exact hour the historic flight was officially completed.
Price: $0.40
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Sputnik 1 Issue Mint Set of 2 Russia, 1957
Item ID: SP120


Country: Russia
Date of Issue: 1957 (Indigo stamp on bluish paper issued on Nov. 5; the bright blue stamp on white paper issued on Dec. 28)
Scott Catalogue Number(s): 1992-3
Scott Catalogue Value (2015): $2.80
Condition: F/VF, mint, never-hinged

Featuring Sputnik 1 circling the globe, this mint set of two stamps commemorates the launching of the first artificial earth satellite.
Price: $2.25
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Launching of Sputnik 3 Mint Stamp + Label Russia, 1958
Item ID: SP121


Issued by Russia on June 16, 1958, this mint stamp with attached label commemorated the May 15, 1958 launching of Sputnik 3. The label provides details of the launching (in Russian). The 2015 Scott Catalogue value for this stamp is $2.50. Scott Cat.# 2083
Price: $1.80
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Lunik 3 Issue Mint Set of 2 Russia, 1960
Item ID: SP122


Country: Russia
Date of Issue: 1960
Scott Catalogue Number(s): 2309-10
Scott Catalogue Value (2015): $4.00
Condition: F/VF, mint, never-hinged

This set of two stamps commemorates the photographing of the far side of the moon by the spacecraft Lunik 3 on October 7, 1959.
Price: $2.70
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Luna 17 on Moon Mint Set of 4 Russia, 1971
Item ID: SP124


Country: Russia
Date of Issue: March 16, 1971
Scott Catalogue Number(s): 3834-7
Scott Catalogue Value (2015): $2.00
Condition: F/VF, mint, never-hinged

This complete set of four stamps was issued to commemorate the unmanned Luna 17 "automatic" moon mission (November 10-17, 1970).
Price: $1.60
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Cosmonauts' Day Issue Mint set of 2 Russia, 1974
Item ID: SP125


Country: Russia
Date of Issue: March 27, 1974
Scott Catalogue Number(s): 4176-7 (incomplete set)
Scott Catalogue Value (2015): $1.40
Condition: F/VF, mint, never-hinged

Issued to Commemorate cosmonauts' day in 1974, these two mint stamps feature the following cosmonauts: Lazarev & Makarov (with Soyuz-12, and Klimuk & Lebedev (with Soyuz-13).
Price: $1.15
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