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Princess Diana

Honored and Memorialized on Authentic Postage Stamps

Home » Royalty on Stamps » Princess Diana Stamps

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Princess Diana 21st Birthday Mint Mini-Sheet Anguilla, 1982
Item ID: RY107


Anguilla celebrated Princess Diana's 21st birthday (July 1, 1982) with the release of this high-denomination ($5), single-stamp, mint mini-sheet on May 17, 1982. The design features a 1981 portrait of Diana. The 2011 Scott Catalogue value for this sheet is $11.50. Scott Cat.# 491.
Price: $7.75
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Lady Diana / Prince Charles Royal Wedding Turkish Republic of N. Cyprus, 1981
Item ID: RY128


The Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus celebrated the Royal Wedding of Prince Charles and Lady Diana Spencer with the issuance of this mint stamp on November 30, 1981. This Republic was established following the Turkish invasion of Cyprus in 1974; its location is the Northern 40% of the Island of Cyprus.
Price: $0.85
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Princess Diana Mint Strip of 5, Great Britain, 1998
Item ID: RY133


Issued by Great Britain on February 3, 1998, this complete mint strip of five memorial stamps features five different portraits of Diana, Princess of wales (1961-1997). Scott Cat. 1795a.
Price: $3.85
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Somalia, 1998. Princess Diana.
Item ID: RY14


Issued by Somalia in 1998, this attractive nine-stamp mint sheet features nine different photographic images of Diana, Princess of Wales. Each image was taken during a visit by the Princess to a foreign country; the flag of that country is included in the corresponding stamp. The text, "Lady Diana In Memoriam" and "World Ambassador" are printed in the sheet selvage.
Price: $7.50
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Princess Diana - 21st Birthday Mint Mini-Sheet of 2 Stamps Cook Islands, 1982
Item ID: RY160


Country: Cook Islands
Date of Issue: June 21, 1982
Scott Catalogue Number(s): 678c
Scott Catalogue Value (2011): $9.50

Description: Mint, never hinged, mini-sheet of two high denomination stamps commemorating the 21st birthday of Diana, the Princess of Wales.
Price: $7.50
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Princess Diana 21st Birthday Mint Set of 2 Comoros Islands, 1982
Item ID: RY161


Country: Comoros Islands
Date of Issue: July 1, 1982
Scott Catalogue Number(s): 546-7

Description: Mint, never hinged set of 2 stamps featuring portraits of Princess Diana. Issued to commemorate Diana's 21st birthday. This set has a Scott retail value of $5.75 (2011).
Price: $4.25
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Princess Diana 21st Birthday Mint set of 4Ascension, 1982
Item ID: RY200


Ascension celebrated the 21st birthday of Princess Diana of Wales with the release of this complete mint set of four stamps on July 1, 1982. The stamps feature two portraits of Diana, a wedding photograph (Diana in the Royal Wedding Coach), and the Arms of Ascension (a British Commonwealth country). The 2014 Scott Catalogue value for this set is $3.95. Scott Cat.# 313-6.
Price: $3.25
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Lady Diana & Prince CharlesRoyal Wedding, 1981Three Mint Stamp Sheets
Item ID: RY33


Montserrat, a British Crown Colony, issued this set of three mint stamp sheets on July 13, 1981, to commemorate the Royal Wedding of Lady Diana and Prince Charles. Only one of the three sheets is shown at left; please click on the image to view all three sheets. Each sheet features a different Royal Yacht and includes portraits of Prince Charles and the soon to be Princess Diana. The retail value of this stamp sheet set is $22.15 (Scott 2007 Standard Postage Stamp Catalogue, Vol. 4).
Price: $17.50
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Princess Diana5th Memorial AnniversaryAntigua, 2002
Item ID: RY50


Princess Diana was memorialized on the 5th anniversary of her death by this souvenir sheet released by Antigua on July 29, 2002. The high face value stamp ($6) and sheet selvage of this attractive mint sheet feature different portraits of Diana.
Price: $8.90
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Diana, Princess of Wales.Congo, 1998
Item ID: RY51


The People's Republic of Congo memorialized Princess Diana the year after her death with this Aug. 31, 1998 release. This mint sheet of six stamps features various portraits of Diana, and the inscription, "Diana 1961-1997" on each stamp and on the sheet selvage. A view of the Tower of London ("Tour de Londres"), an historic Royal Palace, dominates the sheet selvage.
Price: $11.50
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Diana, Princess of WalesSt. Vincent, 2007
Item ID: RY56


This attractive "10th Memorial Anniversary" sheet was released by St. Vincent during 2007 to pay tribute to Princess Diana (1961-1997). The mint sheet includes four $2 stamps, each featuring a different portrait of the Princess; the text includes an additional portrait and memorial text.
Price: $6.50
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21st Birthday of Princess Diana Mint Set of 3 Stamps Nevis, 1982
Item ID: RY73


Nevis paid tribute to Princess Diana on her 21st birthday (July 1) with the release of this complete mint set of three stamps in 1982. The stamps feature Caroline of Brunswick, the Brunswick arms, and Princess Diana.
Price: $2.00
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