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The United States Navy
Commemorated on Authentic Postage Stamps

Home » Military (U.S.) Stamps » U.S. Navy Stamps

The following discount applies to all items.
10% Discount on all orders over $40

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Chester W. Nimitz Issue United States, 1985
Item ID: MY103


This mint regular issue stamp honors Fleet Admiral Chester W. Nimitz, whose leadership during World War II resulted in key naval victories. Nimitz was aknowledges as one of the Navy's foremost administrators and strategists. Scott Cat.# 1869.
Price: $1.35
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USS Arizona Memorial issue Mint Express Mail stamp United States, 2014
Item ID: MY124


The USS Arizona Memorial, at Pearl Harbor in Honolulu, Hawaii, is the resting place location of 1,102 of the 1,177 sailors and Marines killed on the battleship USS Arizona during the Japanese surprise attack on Pearl Harbor on December 7, 1941. This mint self-adhesive stamp, with a $19.99 denomination, commemorates the USS Arizona Memorial and was issued on March 13, 2014, to pay the USPS Express Mail rate. The stamp is supplied on its original backing paper (release liner paper). Scott Cat.# 4873
Price: $38.50
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Services Women Issue United States, 1952.
Item ID: MY20


This mint stamp was issued on september 11, 1952, to honor the women in the U.S. armed services. The image depicts women in uniform from each of the four armed services: Marine Corps, Army, Navy, and Air Force. More than 40,000 women served in World War II.
Price: $0.40
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The Armed Forces Reserve United States, 1955
Item ID: MY23


This mint stamp was issued on May 21, 1955, to honor the Reserves of all of the U.S. armed forces. The stamp design features Reservists from the Marines, Coast Guard, Army, Navy, and Air Force.
Price: $0.40
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International Naval Review. United States, 1957.
Item ID: MY24


Issued on June 10, 1957, this mint stamp commemorated the Jamestown Festival and the international naval review. Its theme was "Freedom of the Seas," and it was the largest representation of nations in an event of this type. The image depicts an aircraft carrier and Jamestown Festival emblem.
Price: $0.40
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U.S. Naval Academy United States, 1995
Item ID: MY49


Issued on October 10, 1995, this mint stamp commemorates the 150th anniversary of the U.S. Naval Academy in Annapolis, Maryland. The stamp design depicts the racing sloop "Swift" crewed by Acadamy midshipmen.
Price: $1.20
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Women in Military ServiceUnited States, 1997
Item ID: MY54


The United States issued this "Women in Military Service" stamp on Oct. 18, 1997, in conjunction with the dedication of the Women in Military Service for America Memorial in Arlington National Cementery near Washington, D.C. The attractive design features women in uniform from the Army, Marines, Navy, Air Force, and Coast Guard.
Price: $1.00
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Los Angeles Class SubmarineUnited States, 2000
Item ID: MY56


This mint stamp was issued on March 27, 2000 to commemorate the U.S. Navy Los Angeles Class submarine. First launched in the mid-1970s, these nuclear-powered attack subs submerged to unprecedented depths and are armed with state-of-the-art heat-sensitive "smart" topedoes.
Price: $1.15
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U.S. Navy Submarines16-Page Prestige BookletUnited States, 2000
Item ID: MY57


This 16-page "prestige" booklet, issued by the United States on March 27, 2000, highlights five stamp designs created to honor various periods in submarine technology and design. The booklet contains two souvenir sheets, each with five stamps (including high value stamps). The two souvenir sheets have different text in the sheet selvage. Please click on the image or "Details" for additional information. The 2015 Scott catalogue value is $45.00 (reach $40 in total purchases and our 10% discount will reduce the price of this booklet to $35.10). Scott Cat.# 3377a (BK279).
Price: $39.00
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U.S. Navy Issue- Mint Sheet of 50 United States, 1945
Item ID: MY9b


The achievements of the United States Navy in World War II were commemorated by this Oct. 27, 1945 U.S. stamp issue. Offered here as complete sheet of 50 mint stamps, the design on the stamps reproduces an official U.S. Navy photograph made at the Corpus Christi Naval Air Station. The stamp color was selected to match the blue uniform of the Navy.
Price: $18.00
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Submarines - Mint Sheet of 6 Palau, 2015 Discounted: minor corner bend
Item ID: SH115


Please note: this discounted sheet has a small minor bend located at the bottom-right corner. Issued by Palau in 2015, this mint sheet of six stamps commemorates submarines of WWII that were stationed at Palau as a defensive line against incoming enemy ships. The following USS submarines are featured: Archerfish, Gar, Blackfish, Tullibee, Seawolf and Darter.
Price: $5.95
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U.S. Navy United States, 1945
Item ID: MY9


The achievements of the United States Navy in World War II were commemorated by this Oct. 27, 1945 U.S. stamp issue. The design on this mint stamp reproduces an official U.S. Navy photograph made at the Corpus Christi Naval Air Station. The stamp color was selected to match the blue uniform of the Navy.
Price: $0.45
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