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A Celebration of Christmas
as Depicted on Postage Stamps from Around the World.

Home » Christmas Stamps » Foreign Christmas Stamps

The following discount applies to all items.
10% Discount on all orders over $40

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Paintings (Christmas Themed) Mint Set of 8 Gambia, 1990
Item ID: AR150


This complete mint set of eight stamps, issued by Gambia for Christmas on December 24, 1990, features paintings with religious Christmas themes. The following paintings are included: "The Annunciation with St. Emidius" by Crivelli, "The Annunciation" by Campin, "The Solly Madonna" by Raphael, "The Tempi Madonna" by Raphael, "Madonna of the Linen Window" by Raphael, ""The Orleans Madonna" by Raphael, "Madonna and Child" by Crivelli, and "The Niccolini-Cowper Madonna" by Raphael. Scott Cat.# 1034-1041. The 2015 Scott Catalogue value for this set is $13.65. Offered here at 40% off this retail value.
Price: $8.20
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Raphael Paintings / Christmas Mint set of 6 Liberia, 1983
Item ID: AR154


Issuing Country: Liberia
Date of Issue: December 14, 1983
Scott Catalogue Number(s): 975-980
2015 Scott Catalogue Value: $3.65
Description: This mint set of six stamps feature Raphael paintings with Christmas (religious) themes: Circumcision of Christ, Adoration of the Magi, Announcement to Mary, Madonna with Baldachin, Holy Family, detail of Madonna with Child Surrounded by Five Saints, and Madonna of Foligno.
Price: $2.45
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"The Mystic Nativity" Christmas Issue Mint Set of 3 San Marino, 1968
Item ID: AR81


Issued for Christmas mail use by San Marino on December 5, 1968, this complete mint set of three stamps features detail from Botticelli's The Mystic Nativity. Note that the stamp designs may be close to, but not touching, the perforations (i.e., the design may be off-centered on these stamps).
Price: $0.70
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50 Years of Christmas Stamps Australia, 2007
Item ID: CH107


Australia commemorated 50 years of Australian Christmas stamps with the release of this sheet of five mint self-adhesive stamps on November 1, 2007. Each stamp features, as its central design, a different christmas stamp issued over the past five decades (includes 1957, 1977, 1984, 1990, and 1996 Christmas stamps).
Price: $5.75
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Icelandic Leaf BreadChristmas, Iceland, 2007
Item ID: CH109


Issued by Iceland on November 8, 2007, this pair of mint self-adhesive Christmas stamps feature Icelandic leaf bread. Considered an indispensable part of the Christmas celebration by many in Iceland, the thin leaf bread is traditionally cut with beautiful and diverse patterns. This set has a 2011 Scott Catalogue value of $4.60. The stamps are rouletted (slit perforations).
Price: $4.25
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Christmas PaintingsBenin, 1996
Item ID: CH116


Please note that the high denomination souvenir sheet has a small, minor corner bend at top-left (and the design frame is a bit off-center from the edges of the sheet). Discounted appropriately. This complete mint set of 6 stamps plus a high value stamp sheet (1000 francs) was issued by Benin during 1996 and features Christmas Paintings (please click on the image or "Details" for a listing of the paintings and artists). This set has a $11.65 retail value (Scott 2015 Standard Postage Stamp Catalogue, Vol. 1). Scott Cat.# 836-42.
Price: $7.50
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Luxembourg, Christmas 1955Mint set of 6 Stamps
Item ID: CH119


This complete set of six mint Christmas stamps was issued by Luxembourg on Dec. 5, 1955. These small stamps feature "toys for St. Nicholas Day," "Christ Child and lamb," and a star, a crown, and a cake for Epiphany. The denomination on each stamp includes a surtax- these extra funds went to charity. This scarce set has a $22.50 retail value (Scott 2015 Standard Postage Stamp Catalogue, Vol. 4). Scott Cat.# B186-9.
Price: $15.95
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Canada; Christmas, 1970Complete Set of 12 Mint Stamps
Item ID: CH122


Issued by Canada on Oct. 7, 1970, this complete mint set of 12 Christmas stamps features designs by Canadian school children. The set consists of two strips of five stamps each plus two larger individual stamps for the two highest denominations.
Price: $3.95
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Palau; Christmas, 1988Mint Strip of 5 Stamps
Item ID: CH123


Issued for Christmas by Palau on Nov. 7, 1988, this mint strip of five stamps illustrates, in a continuous design, the song, "Hark! The Herald Angels Sing."
Price: $2.45
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Mint Set of 3 Christmas StampsNevis, 1980
Item ID: CH125


The art on this complete set of three mint Christmas stamps depicts the Mother and Child, a Heralding Angel, and the Three Kings. Issued by Nevis on Nov. 20, 1980, this mint set has a $1.55 retail value (Scott 2007 Standard Postage Stamp Catalogue, Vol. 4).
Price: $1.35
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Guernsey; Christmas, 1985Religious and Folk Figures, Sheet of 12
Item ID: CH129


Issued for Christmas by Guernsey on Nov. 19, 1985, this small mint sheet of 12 stamps features the following religious and folk figures: Santa Claus, Lussibruden, Balthasar, St. Nicholas, La Befana, Julenisse, Christkind, King Wenceslas, Shephard of Les Baux, Caspar, Baboushka, and Melchior. This sheet has a retail value of $5.00 (Scott 2015 Standard Postage Stamp Catalogue, Vol. 3).
Price: $4.35
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Christmas, 1971 - Mint set of 6Turks and Caicos Islands
Item ID: CH131


Issued by Turks and Caicos Islands on Oct. 12, 1971, for Christmas, this complete mint set of six stamps (three pairs; each of a different denomination) features portions of the work of art titled "Adoration of the Virgin and Child," from Wilton Diptych, French School, c. 1395. Turks and Caicos, a British colony, is a group of islands in the West Indies.
Price: $1.40
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