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Dear valued customers:

we plan to re-open for business in mid-August 2014.  This is a web site under development - we are not accepting orders at this time.

Welcome to...
The Collectible Stamps Gallery,

where you will find an extensive listing of authentic postage stamps from around the world. These attractive and interesting stamps, featuring a wide range of popular collectible topics, would be perfect...

  • For your stamp collection

  • For your memorabilia collection

  • For your framing, scrapbooking, or craft project

  • As a unique and affordable gift for young or old        

The Collectible Stamps Gallery searches the world's past and present postal issues for stamps that would appeal to not only stamp collectors, but thematic and memorabilia collectors as well.  Our offerings include Disney, dinosaurs, space, sports, scouting, celebrities, transportation, wildlife and many additional topics on stamps. 

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Display Ideas

Wondering how you might display or store your collectible stamps? Please visit our "Display Ideas" page for useful tips and ideas.  We also offer attractively priced supplies for displaying stamps- see the categories listed under the "SUPPLIES" heading near the bottom of the left-hand navigation bar.





To Our Valued International Customers:


The United States Postal Service dramatically increased their First Class International Parcel rates on January 27, 2013.  The rate to Canada more than doubled; rates to the rest of the world increased by 1.8X to 1.9X.  Unfortunately, we had to increase our shipping charges as well.  For additional information, please click on "Shipping" in the left-hand navigation bar (under the "Info. Pages" heading).



Thank you visiting our site and browsing our collectible stamp offerings!  If we can be of assistance, please contact us.


Franklin D. Roosevelt"Stamp Collecting President"

"I owe my life to my hobbies,
        especially stamp collecting."

              - Franklin D. Roosevelt


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Featured Special Offers!

(click on images for details)

Fanous Trains


Famous Trains.  This mint set of six stamps commemorates famous locomotives and railways.  Issued by Grenada in 1982.  Now offered at 50% off our $4.95 list price and 65% off the $6.95 2011 Scott Catalogue retail value.


Special offer price: $2.45

Cuba - Christmas 1957


Bugs Bunny Issue.  Issued by the USPS in 1997, this attractive sheet of ten self-adhesive was the first in a series of Warner Brothers cartoon characters sheets.  Now offered at 30% off our $9.95 list price.


Special offer price: $6.95

Classic Films on Stamps


Locomotives - Set of 16.  Issued by St. Lucia in 1983, this mint set of 16 stamps (in eight pairs) features eight different locomotives.  Currently offered at 50% off our $5.50 list price.


Special offer price: $2.75

Elvis Presley Sheets


Space Achievements Issue - The United States saluted U.S. accomplishments in space with the release of this mint set of eight stamps (attached block) in 1981.  Please click on the image to view additional information.  Now offered at 35% off our $5.95 list price.


Special offer price: $3.85

25 Different Disney Stamps


Queen Mother - Mint Set of 8 Stamps.  With this 1985 issue, The British Virgin Islands commemorated the 85th birthday of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth.  Each of the stamps features a different portrait of the Queen.  $5.60 retail value (2011 Scott Catalogue).  Currently offered at 50% off our $3.95 list price.



Special offer price: $1.95

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